Chapter 5 – Cover

February 26, 2016

Looks like things are heating up, ahaha. Ha.

Finally made it out of the endless purgatory that was chapter 4! Yes! Updates should trundle on as normal for the foreseeable future.

Last call on the Poor Wayfaring Strangers Kickstarter! I know I’ve been going on about it the last few weeks, but we’re down to the last 30 hours of the campaign, and we’re still just ever so slightly off our funding goal.

It is giving me heart palpitations how close to the wire this is getting. If you were holding off on backing the kickstarter, perhaps expecting to be able to pick up the book later, I would be endlessly appreciative if you gave us your support. It really could make the difference between the book happening or not.

Edit: We made it! To say I’m pleased would be a massive understatement. Big thank you to all of you who made it happen. :)


Yay, it looks like the Poor Wayfaring Strangers are going to happen, congratulations!
…and the flag is burning, is it a revolution coming? Ahh!…


Thanks! I’m really excited, this is actually my first published comic! It was looking as if we wouldn’t hit the goal for like… most of the month as well, so I’m very, very chuffed.


I supported the Kickstarter and cannot wait to see you and the other artists stories in print. I honestly have not read any of the other comics listed before but plan on it. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment, you all deserve it!!


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