Chapter 13 – Cover

August 8, 2011

I’ll come right out with the bad news that there’s going to be no update on Thursday. I’m writing this on Friday (Hello from the past! What is the future like???) and scheduling it to post on Monday, which it will hopefully do. Unfortunately Thursday’s update is fully inked, partially coloured and several hundred miles away from me at this point. I just couldn’t finish it on time before I had to leave, and oh how I did try. I am so sleep deprived right now.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that you’ll have to comfort yourselves with your hovercars and space elevators and whatnot until I get back. FAREWELL

All will return to normal by next Monday. In regards to the cover itself, oh yeah, this plot thread. That one from eight months ago. That guy with the… knife-related difficulties. Righto. Does anyone remember him? Well, I’m sure he’s fine, anyway.


I don’t know what it is, but something about this image is just beautiful. :) I love the lighting effects here.


Enjoy your trip and try and get some rest.

On the other hand, that is one gorgeous still-life! It is even more amazing that it looks like a water-color but isn’t.


Long-time reader, first comment, but I just had to say how lovely this cover is. Only to find out your regulars have beat me to it.

Oh well, it’s no less true.


This looks like it could be art from a BioShock press kit… I don’t know, it just kind of instantly fits that style in my mind.


So… maybe haggis survived after all?
That picture does have a kind of weary we-did-what-we-could-but feel, so it could go either way. At least he survived long enough to get bandages, and some attempt at treatment.


So I have become one of those pathetic fans who checks for your comic on a day I _know_ I won’t find anything, and I still feel disappointed.

Which is a negative way of saying that the world you’re creating is beautiful as it is flawed, and your characters are as compelling as they are believable.
Which is a long way of saying that, for being an industrial fantasy graphic novel, RMR sure feels real, don’t it.


looking forward to the end of the story arc! i broke my hand once, and it gets major sore after lots of art hours. i took a squishy ball (the kind we get in doctors offices) and pushed my wacom pen through it (right through the smiley face), and draw holding the ball. it helps my hand and wrist. it’s kind of like holding an airbrush. maybe that helps. either way, take it easy.


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