Chapter 12 – Cover

January 6, 2011

Perspective! It does my head in sometimes. Still, I got to draw a tree in there, so I guess I’m fine with it.

My desktop broke today! Again, I know. Fortunately I started on this early enough (and saved frequently enough) that it’s done on time for once, despite the new heap of technical difficulties. Some of my RAM died and my desktop is barely useable for making the comic with, so… On the plus side, I’ve ordered a new computer. On the negative side, I think I needed that money for food. ohh welll


Food? Ha! Who needs it? I thumb my nose at the lowly mortals who need food.

In other news, it looks like the magic-fueled squirrel is back.


Wonder who that is. If I remember right, Adrianna has been drowning for almost a month now. I’m impressed she can hold her breath that long.


I think I figured out about 10 days has passed in comic time since I started nearly two years ago, so, extrapolating from that, she’s probably only been under there for like an hour. Two, tops!


You know, my firsth thought was on sending you the excess parts of my old desktop, but since any really usefull component was either the cause for me to get a new rig or is part of the new rig, I have only a bunch of old ram-chips left. I thing the biggest one is like 512 MB, so nothing to match the requirements of modern rendering needs. If you have any use for it though, I think I can muster a 3 GHz singlecore, that infamous ram-chip and maybe another 1-2 256MB ones. Since your hardware is dying down every other update, I guess pretty old so maybe the parts even fit.


Oh wow, that’s very, very kind of you to offer. I might have even taken you up on it (it was a 512mb stick that failed, actually), though as I said, I decided to bite the bullet and just buy a new computer since the kind of work I’m doing is pretty RAM and processor hungry, and my computer is over four years old now. I’m hoping the new one will arrive before the next update, and I can finally luxuriate in the glory of 4gb of RAM, among other things.

As I said though, extremely nice of you to offer! :)


Aw, it’s really no big deal. Though you’re probably right to replace a system that’s notoriously failing every other month. Strange thing though, 4 years isn’t much for a PC. My ancient Pentium 3 rig would be still running if I cared to wipe the dust and hook it up to a monitor. On the other hand, the mainboard of my second rig died at an age of 3 or so.

Aaaanyways, I hope your new hardware works better than the old system ^_^


so, I’ve been following your comic for quite awhile now and as such, I am certain I’ve read through it all, though never at once. And the thing I’ve come to realise is I have no idea what the point behind this comic is anymore. We’re on chapter 13, and I don’t think I could tell you 12 significant things that have happened so far, at least ones that have left an impression enough for me to remember them.

As such, I hope this isn’t too much of a downer, good luck with your comic, I like your art, but it’s just dragged on too long for me to really care at all.


And we shall greatly mourn your passing.

Yeesh, if you have the attention span of a squirrel then by all means, don’t keep reading, but that’s no reason to tell someone the free-for-everyone comic they’re doing is pointless.

Besides, if you haven’t noticed we’ve been getting a lot more insight to this world and how it works and why, for example, people have been blowing up blimps.

The sense of humor shown and the wonderful artistry more than makes up for slowness of plot exposition for me. :)


Actually, I like the way things develop. The chapters are pretty short, quite like movie scenes. I think you could make a movie out of it without changing too much. And as with a movie, I don’t want to be told in the second minute what’s going to happen in the rest of the plot, so just keep the pages coming and everything is fine with me.


Awsome, Thanks for the toturials that was on here too. Helpfull indeed!

I love the art, The story is fine too. You cant hurry talent. Then it gets to thinned out.
Don’t lissen to the fuzzy marakas about doing it wrong, as long as youre doing it rigth by yourself! YAY.

Huzzah! pizza in the oven got to go!


Awesome! Makes me want to hop onto Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I think I shall… Nice work btw. It’s a very interesting view of the city.


I just want to send encouragement your way, along with best wishes for the New Year.

Regarding older hardware, I tend to repurpose it into servers. I have a full LAN here now ;)


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