November 11, 2016

Hey everyone, sorry to do this so soon after getting the Patreon launched, but I’m not going to be able to get a new comic page done for this week. There were a lot of factors that came together to make it so that I just couldn’t get it finished, but honestly, I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard to get things done on time (you might have noticed updates have been happening on Saturday a bit lately), and I really just needed to take a break for a week to refresh and regroup. Turns out normal people really need weekends every now and then, go figure.

Again, sorry for the missed update, especially to my Patreon backers. I’m working hard to make the updates as regular as possible, and things should be back on track for next week.


You self-employed types are never truly taking “down time”, no matter what you claim, but it’s nice to know that you at least pretend to take a break by not actually physically (electronically?) producing something for a brief period of time. And yes, this is coming from a Patreon supporter, even if it is by a different name. ;)

I hope you have a refreshing break!


Thanks! I think you hit the nail on the head there, it’s hard to actually take a proper break when, in theory, you could be working at any given time and there’s always more work to be done.

I did enjoy my break, though. I just turned my computer and phone off and didn’t look at them at all and that was pretty great.


You’re welcome! I’ve gathered that information from multiple comic creators, not the least of whom is Bob Forward (son of, yes, the famous hard sci-fi author, Robert Forward), who produces 3MM ( with his son (who is also a free-lance artist). Mostly he has been creating special effects for Hollywood or working on animated shows and movies for the past several decades, but he also writes stories (and self-publishes) and is generally just a multi-talented guy. He provides his readers an amazing insight into the life of free-lance artists and has a great sense of humor that makes reading his blogs (a new one with each comic page) very entertaining.

Long story short – you’re in good company! :)


Really, it’s no biggie Rose. We appreciate all the time you do put in to RMR, and it’s your work/hobby to attend to when you want to.

And as far as Patreon is concerned, I’ve been reading RMR without paying a cent for so many years (I’d almost say 8, but has it been around that long?), so there’s, um, more than enough “credit” to afford you a holiday ot fifty.


I think I worry about taking breaks like this since a lot of other webcomics and their authors take a lot of flak from readers when they miss updates, and it’s pretty brutal and infuriating to watch. That said, I’ve never had that kind of bother personally, and I’m very grateful for understanding attitudes like yours and the other commenters here.

I was probably also more stressed out than usual this time since having a Patreon introduces a financial aspect to the author-reader relationship, and the very last thing I wanted to do was cause anyone to think I was wasting their money or trying to take advantage.

As for RMR’s longevity, it has actually almost been 8 years, which is kind of nuts! The comic will turn eight at the end of January 2017. Thanks for sticking around. :)


Don’t burn yourself out. Trust me it can happen a lot quicker doing art as living then your think it will.


Yeah, for sure. I’ve been freelancing as an artist for years now, but introducing money into my personal project like this definitely did have a weird stress hit that I didn’t anticipate. I’ll definitely be taking a few more days off than I did before.


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