August 13, 2016

Hey guys, sorry to say no update this week. I’ve come down with an eye infection (in both eyes, hooray) which is making it pretty difficult to use my computer at all right now. Apparently it should clear up in 5-6 days, so hopefully I should manage to get a page done for next week.


No worries, Rose. You’ve done an AMAZING job so far with Red Moon Rising, and we all appreciate everything that you’ve done!
Loving every single page, character and the entire story!
Get well soon.


I hope your eyes will be better soon! I know you probably can’t read this, but washing them with baby shampoo (or soap, I forgot) should help prevent infection and I think using a warm compress will make them go away, in case it comes back later.


Thanks, I really appreciate the advice. I’ve been using a warm compress twice daily and mainly just doing my best to keep my eyes as clean as possible while not scratching them, which is appallingly difficult since they’re crazy itchy.

I’ve been able to spend a little time at my computer, but I’ve been using that to get at least a little work done for my (very patient, very kind) freelance clients, so I’m afraid there’s going to be no page today either. I was really expecting to be feeling at least a little better a full week on, but it seems this kind of viral thing can last for a while. I’ll keep you guys posted and try to get something up for next week if I’m still ill.

More generally, thanks for the kind words, everyone. This is very frustrating for me, and it really does help that you guys have been patient and supportive. I’m very keen to get back to work.


Hang in there, Scottish lady! We’re all rootin’ for ya. ;)

*insert ‘Hang In There!’ kitty poster here*

In less ridiculous words, take good care of yourself, Rose. You have a great story to tell and I know that I’m not alone in saying that we’ll wait until you can [safely] resume production. Frankly, I’m just happy that folks like you are willing to share such captivating stories (with pictures!) for free so I can be lazy and not be forced to try and do it on my own. Like most “comics” (in quotes because it seems like too small a word) I read, I know this is a personal project that you’re passionate about and that’s why you keep doing it, but even so, it’s good and proper that you be reminded by those of us who enjoy your work that we’re the lucky ones.

Thank you for doing what you do best. You, and your work, are appreciated.


Thank you so much. :) This makes me a little teary, to be honest.

I work very hard on the comic, and nothing makes me happier than knowing that other people are enjoying reading along as I do my best to create it. I’ve had a lot of illnesses and injuries while Red Moon Rising has been online, and the reader response to update breaks has always been courteous, encouraging and kind. I intend to make comics until I can’t make comics any more, and I’m sure this is part of the reason why. I feel very lucky, and eager to start drawing again!


You are most welcome, Rose. :)

Tears are good for the eyes, they wash away the dust and grime of the world and help us to see clearly again. Take good care of those eyes, and they’ll take good care of you.

Y’know, like not running into lamp posts and suchlike. :D


It has been a while, so I hope you are on the road to health at least.
I wish you the best.

Take your time and our well-wishes to recuperate :)


Thanks, Jef. :) I really do appreciate it. My eyes themselves have been feeling a bit better the last couple of days, but I’ve still been extremely fatigued, which I guess is pretty normal with viruses. I don’t have a new page ready for this week, but I’ve put something else together for tomorrow’s update that I think at least some of you should enjoy.


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