Up and Running

May 23, 2015

Right! Phew. So the website was seriously broken for about a week there, and not for lack of effort on the part of myself and my hard-working host. It was a bit of a parade of unfortunate circumstances and bad luck, and we did lose some data – unfortunately any comments made since April 29th are lost to the digital aether. It was looking for a while like that would be more like six months worth of posts and comments gone, though, so I think I can live with this.

Moving on to a more positive note, updates are going to resume in less than a week, on Friday the 29th of May with Friday being the update day for the foreseeable future. It’s taken a while to get back on track after my back issues, but I’m feeling good and I have a new drawing tablet. Time to comic!

In the meantime, enjoy this incredible art from an anonymous friend of mine. You know who you are, you wonderful person.


Awesome piece of fan art, and soooo good to hear that you will be back soon! I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed seeing new pages of increasingly amazing artwork and formatting and speech bubbling and etc. etc…

Anyhow, not a techie, so I gotta ask–what exactly was updated? The formatting and all seems to be the same–is it something to do with backend functionality?


In the end, funnily enough, nothing was updated. The idea was to upgrade WordPress in order to increase stability and improve server load, but this prompted an upgrade to the new version of the Webcomic plugin, which it turns out was not a smooth upgrade and really messed with the site layout.

We were just going to roll back the site to before the upgrade took place, until it turned out the server-side backups were gone, and in the end we had to use a backup I made in April (hence the missing comments) in order to get things up and running again.

My host has dealt with the aforementioned stability/load issues in a more isolated fashion, so no more upgrades should be necessary, thankfully.

I feel like I should give a big shout out to my host, Luis, who really worked flat out to get things sorted much faster than I could have possibly done on my own. Despite the data loss, the site is much more stable and future-proofed now, all thanks to him.


Reminds me of that old song:
“These boots were made for kickin’ and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots will kick your teeth all over you…”


Yay! So glad everything is working again! :D So looking forward to new pages. Glad you’re back & feeling better, Rose!!!


Hurrey, you’re back! Good to know that you feel better and the comic is back, it was a lot of waiting but worth it :)


Yea! The sites back and the comic is back (soon)! can’t wait for updates this was one of the first comics I ever read and still is one of top favorites. Maybe its time to get around to finally ordering one of your prints for the office wall from the store, I’ve been meaning to do that for ummm awhile…


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