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August 26, 2016

Hey guys, I really appreciate you all being so patient while I recover from what turned out to be a hell of an eye infection. My eyes are still quite sensitive and I am very tired, but I’m for sure on the mend.

I was also getting quite antsy not being able to do anything creative, so I dusted off FL Studio and made some comic-related music with the brightness on my monitor turned allll the way down. Hopefully updates should resume next week. In the meantime, a theme for Samara:

Edit: Just added an mp3 link for anyone who’s having trouble with Soundcloud:

Edit edit: One last week without an update, I’m afraid – I started being able to draw stuff again about the middle of the week, but I’m afraid I had to get back on top of all my freelance work first, as a matter of courtesy to the people who paid me money for artwork and then patiently waited around while I couldn’t make it for them. New page for sure on the 9th of September.


For some reason I only see the sound cloud logo which is unclickable, neither do I find a link to follow through. I like your “jams” of music, it would be nice to hear it one way or another. :)


Ah, that sucks! I wonder if other people have had the same problem, it appears to be working fine to me from various browsers. :( At any rate, here’s an mp3 that should be listenable, hopefully:


Thank you a lot! I have no idea why the sound cloud is not working, but the mp3 you linked is perfectly playable. :)

The piece reminds me on the intro of Game of Thrones with some kind of “inverted” tones? :D Hopefully your story won’t end up being a mixture of bloodshed and sex… :D (Sorry @ GoT fans)

Otherwise a nice, catchy tune! I assume the instruments are sampled so that’s why the orchestra is a bit too “clean”, but would certainly sound epic if played by real people. Good work!


Thanks! I consider that a big compliment, I think the Game of Thrones theme is an extremely well done composition. My piece has the same time signature (3/4) and some shared instrumentation, so they’re definitely similar in that regard.

As for the instruments, you’re correct, I cannot yet afford to hire a real life orchestra to play these things for me, so I’m afraid one has to make do with samples. :)


I can’t check the links from work (where I usually read my comics), but I’ll check it out at home when I have a chance. Thank you! :)


Oh! And my greediness for Red Moon goodies aside, I’m glad to hear that you are starting to feel better! :)

I just finished (mostly, I think) recovering from an oh so fun bout of laryngitis (very inconvenient when talking is at least half of your job), so I can sympathize somewhat. Stumbling around blind with eye infections is worse than not having your voice, but I can easily say that it is a somewhat surreal experience not being able to speak.


I have friends who have had laryngitis before, and I can definitely sympathise, it seems very frustrating to lose your voice. I know what you mean when you say you’re mostly done recovering, it always seems to be a gradual ramp back to feeling normal with these sorts of things. Hopefully we’re both better soon!


Very glad to hear you are on the mend, Rose! Take all the time you need. We would rather you recover completely then rush it and do long-term damage. O.o We can totally wait! And, Yay!! for new music. Still would love to hear a whole soundtrack for Red Moon. ;)


Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. :) I’m still sitting on lots of half-finished music relating to RMR, though this is the first thing I’ve composed from scratch in at least a year.

Unfortunately it’s quite time consuming to compose these small bits of music. At least it is for me, though I have no formal music training so it can be hard to tell how efficient I’m being. I think this one minute long piece probably took about as long as drawing an entire comic page, so I’m often loathe to spend that time when I could be making more comics or art, which is what the majority of readers are here for!


Maybe you could post a piece after every chapter, instead of a new page? I would also love to hear more music. And when a chapter is finished, music won’t disrupt the flow of the story and I’d say even the readers here for the comic can put up with a little break between chapters. :)


Or she could add them to the splash page of a new chapter, in case it thematically fits. That way we get a nice intro with a picture AND music. That would limit the freedom of posting a bit, though.


This is quite a good idea, actually! I’m not sure about being able to post both a chapter cover and the music at once without a break, on account of both being quite time consuming, but a single week break between chapters with some music to show might be fun. Perhaps I’ll do a straw poll to see what everyone thinks.


I understand about not being formally trained as I never went to art school, but still love to draw & create. Have even tried selling a few of my things and they sold, lol!! Either way, you are very, very talented musically as well as artistically. :D I like the idea about posting a snip of music at the end or beginning of each chapter! I would definitely vote for that.


Honestly, I think art school is a little overrated. I technically did an art degree (Computer Arts) but it was such a weird program of piecemeal courses(film making? screenwriting? music coding? foley recording??) and no actual drawing classes that I still consider myself self-taught.

I would definitely recommend life drawing classes, though! Wow, what a difference those made for me. I did an evening class when I was 17, and then again at 18 and 19, and damn, that really opened my mind about drawing what was there, rather than what I thought was there. It was a very interesting, zen experience, and I still think about things the teachers said and showed us back then. It all still applies to my art now, ten years later.

Regardless, it’s cool that you’re making art, and selling it too, most artists never get that far! :) Really glad you’re digging the music.

Count me in on the music between chapters! :)

One of my favorite webcomics (web graphic novel?), Stand Still Stay Silent, the creator/artist/writer takes a week or two break between chapters to regroup, plan, and start a new buffer. She posts five pages a week, which is an incredible number in my opinion (she has tremendous skill), but I’m not sure what else she has to do to survive (freelance work, etc.). I’d never suggest trying to increase your production, but spacing things out so you don’t feel quite so much pressure to do your ‘work’ and to post another page would be a good idea.

At this point, I’d say that it’s pretty clear that your readers are loyal and will stick with you no matter what you decide, so finding that middle ground might be worth it. That way you know you’re posting a page, for instance, bi-monthly, and if you end up getting a chance to post in-between for some reason then it’s a reward for you (and us!) instead of a disappointment.

Give it some thought, bounce ideas off us nosy regulars (in a nice way – ha!), or do some research on your own as you see fit. The solution will come to you when it’s time. ;)


Man, I love Stand Still Stay Silent so much. I have no idea how Minna manages to put out five pages a week, it totally boggles my mind. She’s obviously incredibly skilled, but she must also be very efficient, and insanely industrious! I have so much respect for the quality of her comic, and the fact that she puts out five pages a week is amazing.

Early on in Red Moon Rising’s life I actually did this for a month, four weeks of five updates a week. I basically did all the inks on the weekend and coloured the pages on the day they were posted. It was fun, but man was it not sustainable. I was knackered by the end of it. This was way back in chapter 2 of the first arc as well, and the art has become a lot more complex since then – a lot less gradient backgrounds and headshots, that for sure. I do wonder sometimes if there’s some way of getting more pages done in the same amount of time. I certainly spend a lot of time making the comic, but after a few years of twice a week updates I can only manage one page a week now, and sometimes not even that.

Oh well. I do appreciate that there’s a core group of readers here supporting the comic, and I’m thrilled to have found a niche for my weird little comic. I’ll definitely consider the chapter break/music stuff, it might be a fun way to break up the story and give myself time to re-energise.

You and Minna have several traits in common as artists/authors/public persons, not the least of which are your artistic skill, dedication, friendly, approachable & responsive nature with your readers, and humility. I always read Minna’s blog on each page looking for tidbits of in-world information, perspective and humor (she is quite entertaining), which is something I do with many of the comics that I read, and like you she sometimes offers up information on what is going on in the background (otherwise known as “life”). From what I’ve gathered, most of those pages take her a fair amount of time to finish, and though it varies from challenge to challenge (not surprising considering her amazing use of perspective shots – another thing you have in common), I get the impression that she spends somewhere in the neighborhood of maybe 12-20 hours per page. I’m not sure how that’s possible, so I’m probably only remembering the outliers, but then again I’m not a skilled artist.

Anyhow, to your point on Minna being efficient & industrious, I bet if you were to ask her about her production cycle she’d be happy to answer you. At a guess, I’d say that SSSS is her full-time job somehow, but I honestly have no idea. Regardless, when it comes to what I consider “art” comics (a comic where the graphics have more artistic qualities to them than a more traditionally recognizable comic-strip style), SSSS and Red Moon Rising are at the very top my list, with “Saint For Rent”, “Sithrah” and “The Wormworld Saga” keeping them company. If it helps you put that into perspective, I’d be thrilled to fill a whole room with Red Moon rising paintings (if I could afford to do it and had the space) just for the sheer enjoyment of the composition, color and lighting.

Can I purchase your music anywhere? I would like to add it to my itunes.


I’ve actually been procrastinating on setting up a bandcamp account so people could buy and download my music, I guess I’d better get on that! I’ll definitely point out in an update when it’s available.


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