Page 99

July 15, 2016

Ah, bureaucracy.


Next ten pages will be Saiamar filling in forms… and him taking said forms to other places to get new forms (that need to be filled in).


You know what makes those middle panels seem funny instead of serious? Imagining them set to the theme music of “The Benny Hill Show” (otherwise known as the song “Yakety Sax”). :)

On a more serious note, the lighting is a fantastic as ever, and I can’t help by fight my OCD feeling that the sliding shaft of light in the central panels is depicting the passage of time, even though I’m not certain how to calculate it. Judging by Saiamar’s progressively more impatient stance, I’m going to rough it and guess, “too long”. :D


“Too long” is about right! If I’m being entirely honest, I wanted to visually convey a passing of time while halfway through drawing it remembering that light like this wouldn’t be shifting around during a sandstorm as direct sunlight would be completely obscured.

Sometimes you just gotta draw the thing, though. Hope nobody minds too much.


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