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July 9, 2016

I demand to speak to the president!

I don’t think this has come up in the comic before, so a small note: Imara has three equal heads of state, of which Ezius is one.


Geez, picky, isn’t he? I mean, he’s just refused a third of his options from the start…

More seriously, a Triumvirate, that could make for some interesting politics. At least it has historically. How long has the Imaran system had a stable existence?


I feel like he refused Ezius from the very beginning because of how Ezius was speaking to him and refusing to let him see “his son”. As a result, he wants to see one of the other two triarchs (who we haven’t seen yet, anyway) in hopes that they are more -I suppose the word would be- sympathetic to his desire.

It is interesting to wonder at how well the Imaran system has worked. We might get to see some of the Triumvirate in further action when we meet another triarch, if they allow him to see someone other than Ezius. That would be pretty neat, and maybe we’ll learn of some past disputes between the triarchs from conversation. I don’t know, I guess we’ll see. :)


About a hundred years or so. Historically, Imara and its government have been a very constant, stable presence on the continent. Theoretically each of the triarchs represents distinct strata of the population, but in practice it’s still rather a magocracy. That said, as long as the mages have been working in the country’s interest, there’s been very little unrest as a result.


Hmmm, “Mr. Ondila”? He is not important enough to have a title before his name, I guess. Awww

I love the lady’s expression in the first panel. “Noob.”


Hahaha! It would help his case had he specified which one of the triarchs he actually means. Now he sounds suspicious, demanding and arrogant. Slightly.

How coincidental it is, that the RMR world seems to be in chaos, as well as our real one? Oh well. (That is one small upside I can see – having a mindset for setting a realistic political drama.)


The thought had occurred to me as well while I was drawing this scene, ha. Hard not to be influenced by what’s going on around you, I guess.


Well, I couldn’t point it out even if I tried to find it probably, but I know for certain that you’ve mentioned the Triarch system of Imara before, probably toward the beginning of this chapter if I have any proper recollection at all, because I am not the least bit confused by the dialogue on this page. On that note, I’m also not the least bit surprised by Saiamar’s request [/demand] to talk to a Triarch other than Ezius.

It’s Guybrush Threepwood…!…woohoo! :D


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