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September 21, 2009

Edit 22/09: Sorry to drop a hiatus out of nowhere on you guys, but I’m having more extreme hardware issues in the form of my laptop’s hard drive corrupting again and my desktop, at almost exactly the same time, starting to bluescreen regularly. I’m trying to get one or the other in working order so I can get back to work, but it won’t be happening in time for the Wednesday update, and I’d rather not have to crush the start of the next chapter around hardware issues.

On the plus side, this happened just as chapter 4 finished, so hopefully you can just view this as a small break between chapters. Things should be up and running again by next Monday, fingers crossed.

Creepy smile. :D And that’s a wrap for chapter 4! See you on Wednesday for chapter 5, which should be all kinds of unhelpful and confusing, most likely.

The new university year (and classes) start today, but updates should continue as normal since if I have my way, Red Moon Rising will turn in to my honours project. :D Also, I’ve jiggered about with the site layout a bit to add another ad to the site, since I unexpectedly got accepted into ADSDAQ and am giving it a shot to see how it goes. So far, very impressed!

New vote incentive is a character design for chapter 6, though I think I’m going to give him a cool beard before I plonk him into the comic.


Fun times ahead!

It actually doesn’t look much like a smile to me in the last panel. Just creepy lol.

The guy in the incentive does look awesome. Beard or not, he is certainly nice to look at.


Haha, I’ll settle for that. He really is more baring his teeth creepily than anything.

I was trying a different method of painting in the vote incentive, lots of fun. :) I’m looking forward to drawing chapter 6.


I’ve been meaning to say, Red Moon Rising is such an awesome name. How did you think of it?


That’s actually a really good question which I unfortunately have no good answer to. The story’s pretty much been called Red Moon Rising before there even was a proper story and it was just a hodge-podge of characters. I think [colour] [celestial body] Rising is a semi-common title, though, so I imagine I just absorbed it from popular culture somewhere years ago.


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