Page 96

June 11, 2016

I think I managed to get pretty much all the colours onto this page.


Oh! It must be the burning flag from the title page! Means something big is going down in this location. I’m really hyped to see what happens :)

Also, are there paintings on the wall? Man, personally I love drawing pictures within the pictures. They somehow make the whole environment more real.


Yeah, paintings! I agree, and I’ve been trying to add more incidental details to the backgrounds like that. I think I’ve been a bit lazy with them in the past and they do add quite a lot to the feel of the place.

Also, this interior is based on a very cool location that fellow Glaswegians might recognise!


Huh, this is way, way late and I’m not a Glaswegian and it’s actually been some time since I’ve been there, but… Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum? And yes, that is a beautiful location!


I actually counted, you really did include all of the color spectrum in this page. *vigorous applause*

So… aliens confirmed? I guess we’ll find out in the next few pages.


Stunning page! There’s so much going on that I expect the video to pause and the narrator come on to explain everything to us in a soothingly patient voice, just so we don’t miss any details.

It’s not a video? What? Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve been watching it for months now…okayneverminddontlookatmelikethatitsnotmyfault.

Aliens always confirmed? Well, of course! We have “emissaries” of Ashul in town. ;)


- How many colours do you need to change a lightbulb in a sandstorm?

Gotta love the incredible art, as always. But the story is good too. :P


In other news not directly related to Red Moon Rising, I just received my digital copy of PWS and read your short story. I loved the coloring and quote at the end, made me think of all the dandelions that take over folks yards here in the midwest USA during the summer.


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