Page 95

September 18, 2009

This page was actually a lot trickier than it probably looks, mainly because I picked a really awkward angle for the first panel and ended up redrawing it about three times before finally getting the foreshortening I wanted on it. So that’s why the page is a bit later than usual. Also, maybe because I spent most of Thursday playing Oblivion. Don’t judge me.

On the plus side, I realised there’s no way I could have managed that kind of angled view when I first started Red Moon Rising back in January, which is the sort of realisation which makes me extremely happy since artistic improvement is pretty much my raison d’etre. Also, Danil is fast turning into one of my favourite characters to draw. He just has an interesting face, I guess.

New vote incentive is the lineart for today’s page. Kinda running out of time to do the concept work for chapter 6, but as usual, I’m pretty sure it’ll get done somehow. Magically. Also, as I’m typing this Red Moon Rising is sitting at rank 68 on TWC, which I think is the highest it’s ever been. You guys are awesome. :D


As I reading the last few pages, I was thinking I really like how each page transitions into the next. The thought bubbles are really easy to tell apart from the regular speech without being obnoxious. I like that too :)

And the fantastic angles and the airship. Did I mention I liked the airship on the previous page?


Thank you! The airship did seem to go over well. :) I’m glad the pages seem to flow well to you since most of the time I thumbnail this a page at a time, so I do worry that the pages don’t flow as well as they could.


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