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June 3, 2016

You can tell a storm is bad when it starts messing up the panelling.

Finally got around to updating the archive page! And by that I actually mean my lovely friend Drew did all the work – I enlisted him to finally sort it out since I’ve been struggling to find the time to update it for something like the last two years. Sorry about that. And thank you, Drew! Next up, the woefully out of date cast page.


I don’t know who that is or where he’s going (oops, it’s Saiamar – my awful memory), but that is a seriously gorgeous central panel. The storm may be “messing up the panelling”, but it’s certainly adding depth to the scene.

So, we’re still in Dakaia, and that means there’s still a chance we’ll see Adrianna again. :)


The coloring/coloring is so beautiful, and the people and buildings are so well drawn! I like the shadong and sandy texture. I also really like the trees and hair.


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