Page 94

September 16, 2009

For a three panel page this took a stonking amount of time. On the plus side, look at that airship! It took longer to paint the airship than everything else on the page put together, probably because I am rubbish at drawing airships (and in retrospect, perhaps a steampunk setting was a bad choice as a result) but hey, I am pretty proud of that airship. You can disagree, but I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears and pretend I can’t hear you. La la la.

Also, I completely forgot to bitch about this on the Monday update, but my hard drive imploded over the weekend. I seem to recall saying a while ago that I must have run out of hardware that could possibly break, but apparently that was a giant lie. On the plus side, it was the hard drive that had my Windows install on it and nothing else, and I was able to attain a replacement hard drive from helpful friends, so all’s well in the end.


I also think it is a very fine airship. Perhaps you would have more luck with the technology in your life if more of it was steampunk-based?


Heh, the airship is awesome, don’t worry about it. It needs more LASERS but I think we can overlook that :P Do you livestream every page now or are you just trying it out? :)


My gods, you have the worst luck with technology of almost anyone I’ve ever heard of…

And it has yet to stop amazing me howdespite each new catastrophic monkey wrench thrown at you, you still manage to put out such a beautiful comic with barely a hiccup every now and then. You’ve certainly earned a faithful reader in me!

Oh, and like the others said, the airship looks amazing.


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