Page 93

May 20, 2016



I wonder how many people Ezius knows who died in the prior war. I wonder if he realizes how fragile the peace really is, and how close the two countries are to war.

I wonder how Ezius can’t realize that, because anyone in a position of power… wait. Ezius asked if the rebel was the general/commander the captain was sent to retrieve the body of, so I think he was trying to disguise that he knew who killed who, and what happened.

This is like a room of black powder filled with people juggling flaming torches. It’s poised to explode at any minute, and quite spectacularly when it does too.


The commander is looking rather concerned now. I wonder what he suspects? I wonder what the captain means when she says “screaming”? Does she mean he was quietly hostile, or that he was trying to warn her of something?

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I enjoy ambiguity. :)


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