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September 11, 2009

No vote incentive today which I feel a bit bad about since I have a lot of concept work that needs doing before this chapter finishes. Still, Monday maybe? There was also a brief hiccup on the site last night where apparently it was totally hogging CPU and my hosting provider blocked access to the site briefly. I’ve installed WP Super Cache to alleviate the problem, and it seems to have worked, but if anyone’s having issues with the site please don’t hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment here.


drafting her back in? like in “back to the army”?…uhm, its just curiousity…but will sh wear one of those uniforms?…cause it would probaly look good but at the same time strange combined with her red hair…*coughs*but I’d real like to see it*cough*


Yes, and yes. :) If it helps, I did a painting (posted up a while ago as a vote incentive) that has her in a military uniform and is supposed to be about eight years before the start of the comic. Not really the same as Danil’s uniform, but he is a colonel, he gets all the fancy stuff.


Woo conscription ^^ She seriously does not looked chuffed at being dragged back into military life. I like where this is going though, more interaction between her and Danil/Galak is always fun, especially when it involves some random beatdowns.


Gorgeous work. (Also, loving the new cast page! *high five*) Keep it up, Rose, you are seriously the kickassest of comic artists that I know. :D


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