Page 91

September 9, 2009


Also, I’m pretty sure by this point that Danil exists solely to roll his eyes and wiggle his eyebrows. The new vote incentive is just the lineart for today’s page, but hopefully I should have some character designs to use as incentives from Friday onwards, since more new characters are going to pop up in chapter 5. I know, just when things were maybe starting to make a tiny bit of sense. I’m sorry.*

Note from the future: I wasn’t sorry about this at all.


i LOVE how you did her eyes, sorry late commer here but the story is amazing and makes a tad more sense if you read the stuff below it


I was sifting through my massive list of webcomics to read last night, with the intention of weeding them out a bit more–and then I got hooked on this one. The art is amazing, the characters are intriguing, and I love your sense of humour (in-story and out of story!). Don’t know if I’ll comment much, but I just wanted to let you know you’ve got one more dedicated reader.

Also, your name is awesome :D


Everything about this comic (seems like too small a word somehow) so far is marvelous; use of lighting, especially in previous ‘sunny’ pages, the soft texturing, the plotting and pacing (I’m a patient man if the story is good), but most especially the character expressions and personalities.

Danil wins this scene with his “spare me the inane commentary” look in panel 4, but Adriana’s dry, sarcastic wit definitely resonates with me. Nicely done!


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