Page 89

September 4, 2009


Another page that was livestreamed, and was also cohosted with the lovely Amy of O31. The colouring on this went by crazy fast, so I’m feeling pretty productive today. I also got another painting done during the stream, so go and vote to check that out!


Is that a frowny-face on the wall?


The last panel of that is pretty freaking adorable. (I’ve been following this for a while and like it a lot! This is the first time I’ve commented, though.)


Adriana: “…what?”

Plus now the next unlucky person who gets stuck there will have something to look at! :D


It has just occurred to me on this readthrough, but Adrianna’s frown face looks much like the ” :( ” that one would type, with the exaggerated elongated mouth that the bracket provides. Should I infer from this that it *is* in fact a smiley, and these (and mechanised typing) exist in RMR?


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