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September 2, 2009

Filmed in front of a live studio audience! Or rather, drawn in front of a handful of eager and helpful fans on Livestream. Thanks to everyone who showed up! That was a lot more fun than just drawing by myself.

In other news, I finally got around to adding a cast page which might be of interest to some of you, if just to boggle at how many apostrophes Renshou’s full name has.

Also drawn at the end of the stream was the new vote incentive which is a quick painting of some rocks and grass and hills and stuff. It’s a new month which means the voting has reset, so if you feel like voting, I’d appreciate it. :D


I bumbled onto this comic a bit ago, and I’ve been reading it, and re-reading it; and I can safely say I’m as confused now as when I started reading. However it’s an interesting kind of confused so I’ll just have to stick it out until things start making sense because I am enjoying it. It really is quite good, keep it up.


Thanks, Slade! I think that is actually the desired reaction at this point, believe it or not. I have a feeling if you could read it all the way through right now it would be fairly coherent, but right now it’s hopefully interesting enough that people want to keep reading to find out what happens – all will be rrrrevealed in due time. :) Thanks for sticking around.


It’s good to see Adri again! Has she been thrown in jail?

Btw (and sorry if you’ve mentioned this before), what version of photoshop do you use?


Not exactly, you’ll see as the scene progresses. :)

As for Photoshop, up until I formatted my computer (about a month ago, maybe?) I was using CS, now I use CS3. I don’t think I use anything specific to CS3, though, if I was still on CS I could almost definitely get the pages done no problem.


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