Page 87

August 17, 2009

This update’s a bit later than usual due to coursework deadlines and, more annoyingly, Photoshop deciding to implode and corrupt my save file along with it, so I essentially had to draw this page twice. At least the scene’s finished.

On the plus side, it’s not late, per se, since it’s still Monday. Just later than usual. Which means I’m still on track for Baconnaise, and isn’t that the important thing?

The vote incentive will be updated a bit later, still grappling with some stray coursework at the moment.


I looked up Baconaise and now I want some. But I’m still wondering what you’re talking about. Is this an inside joke about 60 pages and Baconaise?


Unfortunately this is another problem with some of the news posts from the old site being lost – there was one which explained the whole thing and was pretty prominent on the front page at the time this page was originally posted. Essentially when I first started the comic a friend of mine promised to send me some Baconnaise if I managed to hit 60 pages without missing an update. Hence… Baconnaise references everywhere.


Really like the final two close-ups. I think the way that smug satisfaction comes through on the last one with such a small part of the face is awesome.


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