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August 10, 2009

Firstly, has anyone at all still been getting the redirection problem I mentioned before? I removed the Rampage Network ad in the footer to try and nail it down as the cause or rule it out, so… inquiring minds want to know.

Anyway, back from hiatus! And finally, an end to the chapter. Hooray. It occurs to me now that people may not have seen the edit I made to the previous post last week that announced the week-long hiatus in the first place. I don’t really have a good place to make these kind of announcements, unfortunately. Maybe in the sidebar or something? I guess it’s something to consider for the future.

The current state of affairs is as follows: I still don’t have my own tablet, though I’m borrowing a wee Wacom Volito from a friend while I wait on the glorious arrival of the Intuos4 I ordered, which will probably be at least another week. Second time’s a charm, hopefully. I finally got refunded the $400 for the first botched order, and on a similar note, Paypal can go die in a ditch. I also still don’t have an internet connection at my new flat, I’m currently mooching internet off my very patient brother.

So, in short, nothing’s actually changed since last week, but I said I’d start updating again today and a promise is a promise. I also have a university deadline on Friday, so updates may or may not be affected by that.

New vote incentive, just the lineart for today’s page. Also, thank you to the people who voted despite the hiatus and complete lack of new vote incentives, you da best. I’ve been doing a lot of pencil sketching recently due to the tablet I’m currently using being a bit of a killer on my wrist, but naturally it would appear that I no longer have a power lead for my scanner, otherwise I might have been able to rustle up something a bit more interesting for the incentive.

In conclusion, August is made of fail so far.


lol, emoshadows.

Ahh I love the 4th panel. And the last panel’s BG for some reason. Good, very good.

Try not to kill your wrists while dealing with your temporary tablet! My first one was awful, cheap, and murder on the arms. Here’s hoping you also get moar internets soon.


Thanks! They’re just quickie backgrounds to be honest, but I think those hints of detail can make a lot of difference. Brickwork’s nice and easy if you know how.

My new tablet could arrive as early as tomorrow, so here’s hoping! In the meantime, the more I use the temporary tablet, the easier it gets, so it’s all good. It’s still a Wacom, albeit a low-end one.


Good luck on the new PC. :) And for the record, 4th panel, beautiful. ::thumbs up:: Very nice, I love how Adrianna gets a rune right under her eye, btw. It’s perfect.


Every time I visit your site I’m :D’d away with how far it’s come along. Rose, you da man… er, woman! Gah, 70 pages already… how many do you think you’re going to go through before you start thinking about printing a version? I would love to have a copy in my hands!


You know, it’s not something I’ve given a great deal of thought, but I really should start. I keep half-expecting to stumble across a good stopping point for a first volume, but I’m also not sure how many pages is really acceptable for a small graphic novel. What do you think?

Also, know any good printers? :D


I like how you updated the vote incentive a few hours earlier, so the people that happened to check it out then got a sneak peak!

I love the additional-sass of the “extremely weak” line, especially given her expression there. Also joining in on the love of the last panel and its background. It raised a question for me though – is she just leaning against the wall because she’s sullen and depressed, or is it also because using even that little bit of magic really takes it out of her?


Yep! I also wasn’t planning on being around for the midnight update, so given the choice of updating the incentive early or late, I went with the former.

Yeah, she’s a bit rubbish really. Just enough magic to get her in trouble. And it’s a bit of both, really.


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