Page 8

January 21, 2009

More crashing and data loss adventures accompanied this page, but it’s done now which is the main thing. I didn’t realise before I started this scene how green it was going to end up. Green is pretty much my least favourite colour. :|

The new vote incentive is the sketch for this page. I’ve started painting in the backgrounds around the same time I do the sketch, before I do the inking. I think it’s helping things look a bit more cohesive.

Also, look! Project Wonderful ads! I feel like a proper webcomic now and everything.


When you get a few hundred quid all at once, buy a Mac Mini. They don’t crash. Former PC-lover here. I’ll end up buying another PC just so I can use all the apps that don’t run on Mac, but for doing professional work you care about and don’t want to be losing due to the carelessness and evil of Microsoft, there’s no substitute for a Mac.


“When you get a few hundred quid all at once…”

When hell freezes over? :D I’m a student who runs a webcomic, I have like no income. I’d love to get a mac since my first computers were all macs (I remember OS 6…), but for the time being I’m pretty much stuck with PCs, alas.


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