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July 29, 2009

Edit 2: That’s it, I’m officially calling a week-long hiatus. Red Moon Rising will resume updates on Monday the 10th of August. I really wanted to get page 71 up before this since it’s the last page of the chapter, but the tablet I’m borrowing is giving me wrist cramp, and the order I made for a new tablet has been completely bollixed by Paypal – I now have $400 I can’t access until they decide I didn’t hack into my own account. Still no internet access at my new place and I’ve got a resit for university to be handed in before next Monday. I hate that it’s come down to this, but it’s just not possible for me to keep the comic running right now. Thanks for all the support, and I’ll see you in a week.

Edit: I’ve disabled the Rampage Network footer ad in an attempt to start troubleshooting the redirection issue since the small amount of info I could find on the problem pointed towards a dodgy rotating ad. Again, if you’re still getting redirected from any part of the site please email me or leave a comment on this post.

Firstly, I got an email from a reader today saying that when he went back through the archive around page 56 he was redirected to some sort of yahoo karaoke store. I wasn’t able to replicate the issue, but has anyone else been having similar problems? My initial hunch was a dodgy Project Wonderful ad, but I have no way to be sure.

Secondly, I’m backdating this post to Wednesday but unfortunately this really is properly late now, what with it being about 3pm on Thursday where I am. Kind of sucks to break a run of consistent updates that’s lasted since the start of the comic, but I still don’t intend to miss any, even if they have to go up late. Friday’s page will probably be going up on Saturday (or possibly later, I’m running out of places to access the internet at the moment), and I may have to call a short hiatus in order to get everything sorted on my end. Turns out it’s quite hard to maintain a webcomic without internet access or a proper drawing implement, who knew?

I probably could have posted this on time if I hadn’t had to drop it yesterday in order to properly move everything out of my old flat. My old landlord decided to rip up all the carpets and start painting while we still had stuff in there, despite us still paying rent on the place until Friday. Still kind of pissed off about that… The page itself was finished about 11 hours ago, but there was no way I was going a-wandering through Dundee at 4am in order to wake up one of my friends so I could use his internet connection. I like to think I’m pretty dedicated, but I’m not that dedicated. :|


No worries, I’m just happy I have a chance to enjoy your work, still! Good luck with the internet issue, by the way. I know how frustrating that can be, and I DON’T publish a webcomic!


Thanks, Joshua. :) Between no internet access and my tablet breaking, I’ve pretty much just been going “ugh, how i webcomic DD:” a lot over the last couple of days. Not much else I can do, though. New tablet has been ordered and internet access is slowly being sorted out. Bit of a webcomicker’s nightmare really…


The lighting on this page is so prettyyyy… *stares*

Anyway — what I actually wanted to say was, I had the redirect problem too! I’d kind of forgotten about it already… When I tried to visit the site, either on Monday or Tuesday — probably Monday, since that’s an update day — I was also redirected to some dodgy yahoo page. I tried again a couple of hours later, and the same thing happened. It was gone the next day, so then I promptly forgot about it. :P

Okay, now I’m off to stare at the pretty fiery colors some more…


The fact that it seems to be happening sporadically is what made me think it might be a problem with the Project Wonderful ads, though I wasn’t able to track down any bids in my PW history that looked dodgy. If it happens again could you save the URL of the site you’re redirected to? This whole thing has me a bit worried, and I’m not really sure how to even start troubleshooting it. Hopefully it was just a problem with the ads that’s already passed, though.

Also, cheers. :D I love doing dramatic lighting like this.


Hmm, I had the problem again this morning, just on this comment page and not on the site’s main page. I actually left a comment, stating the site I was redirected to and everything (I think it was a different one than before), but it appears to not have gone through. Maybe it saw my comment as spam because there was a link in it?

I can probably find the site in my browser’s history, but it would obviously have to be my home computer’s history since that’s where I had the problem… and I’m at work by now. I’ll see if I can find it tonight and send it to you.

Also, I use Firefox 3.0.12 at home, and am stuck with IE6.0 here at work. So far, I haven’t had the problem here, but that could just be because it’s indeed in a specific ad that hasn’t come up yet.


Yeah, your comment got caught by my slightly overzealous spam filter, sorry about that. Thanks for giving me the URL too, it was extremely helpful in narrowing down the problem. :)


I have meant to send you a message about the browser problem. I keep getting sent to some dodgy looking US citizenship page. I use Opera as my browser. It happens when I navigate away from your website. Perhaps that will help..


Thanks for the info, I think I may have figured out where the issue is, though I can’t be sure. Let me know if it happens again. :)


Eh, don’t beat yourself up over the updates. When you have problems with internet, you have them. You’ve been obscenely devoted to this project, however, and for the benefit of the fans at that.

I’m digging the page. Did you intend for the sigil under Adrianna’s eye to resemble a tear? I at first thought it was one, and thought it very cool and fitting in the scene.

Not that Adrianna -cries-. It’s just a shameful and frightening position to be put into.


I know, it’s just frustrating to have it out of my hands. At this rate I won’t be able to get back online to post the next page until Monday.

And actually, that wasn’t intentional when I did it, but I did notice it after I had finished and was all “yeahhh, unintentional symbolism, whooo”. I am so smart. :O


Adri’s expression in 3rd row, 1st panel is amazingly executed. And the lighting makes it that much more awesome. <3

Haven't encountered any redirect problems on your site, though sometimes I'm on other sites at the same time and have been redirected by ads on, say, deviantART for instance.


The up-the-nose shot was actually really tricky. :) Extreme angled shots of the face usually are, but I think it was worth the extra effort.

I think I may have narrowed down the redirection problem, but I can’t be sure yet. Fingers crossed.


That’s gotta be painful. Someone holding fire against your neck. OUCH!

About the updates, no worries. Honestly, your webcomic is 1 of the few I know of that doesn’t take like a week before the writer updates it. (I hate waiting a WHOLE week.) If it did take a week, though, cuz your comic is so well done, I’d have no real problem with it. :)


Also, go ahead and take that hiatus if you need. Go your stuff in order. We all know you work hard on this. You deserve some time to get moved and such.


Just popping in to say that I’ve never experienced that dodgy ad issue, but whether it’s because I use IE… uh… the latest one, or because I always just open a new tab for your comic then close it when I’m done rather than trying to navigate away I’m not sure.

Also, I think all of that given what you’ve had to go through to make this lately what you’ve been accomplishing is superb, so allowing yourself a little bit of leeway is the least you could do.


I love this page. It’s beautiful.
It might be my favorite page so far.

Also, I never got the redirect thing, but if the cause was likely an ad from Rampage that isn’t PW-powered, I block all ads that aren’t from PW, so.


Whoo. :D I think the fire highlights just happened to jive well with the main colour scheme since it was fairly subdued for this scene. It’s nice when things like that work easily.


Those symbols/sigils seem to appear on her face in response to the proximity of fire, so most likely she’s a pyro-magus of some kind. And it looks like for all her efforts, she can’t help her magic from manifesting: it’s a reflex… just like the “reflexive shield manifestation” mentioned a few pages ago and demonstrated by the Colonel on page 35.

But anyways, great comic. Although the mood’s a tad gloomy for my taste, the art is truly excellent. I hope your tablet situation gets resolved soon.

Oh, and regarding Adri’s line (“You are completely bloody crazy!”), how’s that for the pot calling the kettle black? She’s several horses shy of a full carriage herself…


Good call on the fire magic, the next page is going up in less than an hour and you called it on all counts.

Red Moon Rising is fairly gloomy, I won’t deny that. I know it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but I’m glad you seem to be enjoying it regardless. :) Tablet situation is still a bit up in the air, but should be resolved soon, hopefully.

And I think all the characters in this are at least a little unbalanced, though Danil and Adrianna are pretty high up there. Takes one to know one, right?


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