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July 27, 2009

Ok, so there’s a good story behind this page. And by “good” I mean “horrific”.

My tablet completely died just as I started on this page, and I actually had to draw the whole thing with a mouse. If anything looks funny that’s my extremely valid reason, and I’m sticking with it. Fortunately one of my flatmates showed up to loan me a cheap tablet as I was about to get started on the colouring, but I still had to strip out a few stages in order to get the whole thing finished before the sun went down because I don’t have any internet access right now, and had to jaunt over to a friend’s flat in order to even upload this, and don’t much fancy running about Dundee lugging a laptop around in the dark.

If I get mugged on my way back, I’m suing Wacom. I haven’t even had anything to eat today, this is quite sad. End whine.

Suffice it to say, Wednesday’s update may be extremely late or possibly non-existent, since I’m still moving and my flatmate’s tablet is a bit fumbly and awkward.

Edit: Amidst all my bitching, I completely forgot – Red Moon Rising was six months old yesterday! And since I got this page up just about on time (that is, before midnight in my timezone), that’s six whole months of uninterrupted updates. I don’t feel quite so bad if I end up missing an update on Wednesday, though I will try and get a page posted. Can I get a high five over here?


Aww, Poor Rose. Just not your day, is it. Page still looks wonderful though, wouldn’t say it suffered terribly from the mousing about.


That’s good to hear, since I did have to cut a lot of corners just to finish in a timely fashion. Drawing with a mouse is far more time-consuming than using a tablet… Mainly I dropped an extra shadow layer I usually include and this was originally going to be a more background-heavy page – obviously that didn’t really pan out.


You did that with a mouse? Seriously? Wow. I mean, I’d already seen your tweet when I got here for the update, but I don’t think I would have noticed, otherwise.

Out of random curiosity — what tablet do you normally use?


Phew, good to hear. Fr srs, all the lineart was done with a mouse, as well as the flat colours before my flatmate saved me by loaning me her little Volito. Though it’s probably worth pointing out that I started off doing digital art with a mouse and didn’t switch to a tablet until after I’d been mousing exclusively for like five years. That was about five years ago, though, and going back was a not-so-fun exercise in extreeeeme frustration.

I usually use a small Wacom Graphire2, though now that it’s kicked the bucket (after working well for five years despite being second-hand when I bought it, I might add, go Wacom) I might fork out for an Intuos4 and just not look at my bank balance for a while.


Ah :) I only used a mouse for like… half a year, before giving in to frustation and begging my parents for a tablet for Christmas. And that was almost ten years ago, so if I try to do mouse art now… it’s not pretty.

I actually still use the Wacom Graphire (original series) that I got that Christmas. Though I’ve switched to using the pen from some Wacom Bamboo tablet that my mom had lying around, because my old pen was getting really worn out and scratchy.

Congrats on the half-year… anniversary? Can you call it that if it’s not been a full year yet? Anyway — good job :D


Wacom tablets are really hardy. :D I think mine would have lasted even longer if I hadn’t kept dropping it like an idiot…

I think anniversary is probably fine. I’m sure I’ve used it before for monthly landmarks, actual word meaning be damned. :D Anyway, thanks!


D’aaaw, poor Rose. :C

Also, poor Adrianna. She is being threatened by an arsonistic dirty old man who is also a machine of the state and is quite clearly unhinged, what with the apples and all.

Though, in your defence: *Fives*


Yeah, Danil’s not quite on the level… Also, hooray, I was afraid that was going to be just me standing there like a sad sack with my hand up and everyone just ignoring my desperate pleas for a high five. *high five!*


Wow, neither rain nor shine nor massive equipment failure, huh? Well, congrats for achieving 6 months of updates despite everything!


Hi5! I tell you, I couldn’t do this with a mouse. O__O I also couldn’t do this with a mouse and then continue my consistent update schedule, either. Am I just weak-willed?

“Look at me! I have fire in my hands!”




*high five!* I think I’m just incredibly stubborn and was particular unenthused with the idea of missing the landmark of six months of uninterrupted updates by one damn page. Plus I’ve drawn a lot with a mouse in the past, so while it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, I probably had a better time of it than other people might.


Not your day, Rose? :(
Well, the sun always shines sometime. :) I hope moving goes smoother from hereon out.

To be completely honest, until you said you moused this, I didn’t even notice a difference. Now I’m impressed. I mean mousing that…whoa!


Not really, no. :( Still having moving problems too, and the people I’m mooching internet from are also moving starting tomorrow, so I don’t think things are looking good for the next little while.

And thanks! I’m glad there wasn’t a noticeable quality drop, that was really my main concern. The lineart took at least twice as long to do, though. Tablets are the speedy artist’s friend.


nice to see the plot rolling again. and take your time! with art like yours, i don’t think you have to worry about losing any of your readers over a couple of late pages.


Yeah, gotta keep the plot moving on, that’s really the most important thing. It’s also nice of you to say not to worry. :) I think fan loyalty and patience isn’t something to take for granted, but I wouldn’t be making late updates if it weren’t absolutely unavoidable and no one’s said anything nasty about it yet. It’s important to me that my updates are generally on time, though, since reliability really is something I pride myself on when it comes to Red Moon Rising.


I actually really like the artwork on this one, especially panel 4. And congrats on 6 months!


I thought you might, I was considering what you said in the email you sent while I was working on it. :) I think the cel-shading is standing on its own a lot better these days, I might just ditch the extra shading permanently.


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