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November 27, 2015

It’s probably just the gardener, right?


Okay, so speech bubble deciphering: “…here, no … managed to… you, escape from… day(?), and early(?) running…the…brought in.” My best guess is that someone’s escaped he wants them recovered, but Rose did a really good job of making that one nigh-illegible.
Also I love the tiny white dot of light on the Triarch’s nose, first panel. If this were a cartoon, it’d probably make a ting sound.


Rose, if you don’t mind me asking – how’s the stuff “around” the comic going? Are you planning to do a Patreon page, or did you decide not to after all? You mentioned something about tax problems a while ago, is that’s the reason of a holdup? It’s just that I’d be very happy to see more updates weekly, as well as support & maybe see some in-progress work…
Or maybe Kickstarter (or some British equivalent?…), independent printing? Can you tell something about the foreseeable future of the comic? :)
I hope I don’t sound nagging.


I don’t mind at all! It’s a good question, and I have been admittedly quiet on the subject recently.

To be quite honest, I’ve been finding it very hard to free up any time to do anything beyond my freelance work and the comic pages themselves. It’s sort of a catch 22, in that if I had a Patreon for the comic that was doing well then I could afford to spend the time I need to get the Patreon up and running. At the moment I’m very concerned about over-promising for the Patreon campaign, and then ending up stuck between committing my time to comic pages, my freelance obligations, and stuff I promised to patrons.

I’ve got a pile of deadlines coming up towards the end of the year to boot, so things won’t really improve until after that. I’m just trying to stay on top of things, really.

In regards to the tax problems, this was to do with the EU changing its tax laws for businesses (which includes myself) regarding online transactions that take place in the EU. It’s basically added a lot of hoops to jump through that was supposed to be aimed at large businesses (Amazon, for example) exploiting low VAT rates in countries like Luxembourg. The end result has been a lot of extra paperwork and filing for small businesses, however, and I know a lot of small businesses in the UK have folded because of the extra burden.

Anyway, this would affect any money gained in a Patreon campaign, so it wasn’t viable for me to start one until something changed. Fortunately Patreon themselves declared they’d cover the administrative side for its users, but this took quite a while to happen, and I haven’t had the time to come back around to setting one up for myself.

TLDR: Time is finite, art is all-consuming.

As for the foreseeable future, well… more pages? I’m not sure myself, to be honest. I would actually like to start a second, distinct webcomic some time in the next year, but at the moment it’s all about freeing up time to even start planning.


I love, love, love, love, LOVE all those pillars in the background since a few pages back. And all those silhouettes, AWESOME!


Oh my!! I am loving this page, but small inconveniences usually aren’t. Oo I’m curious as well, Rose. Still working on the soundtrack??


I have to admit that I haven’t really made any progress on the soundtrack since it last came up. Out of all the pursuits I have, music is probably the most time-consuming, and it can take months to finish a single track.

I suspect this comes with not having any professional training, and therefore not being able to work as efficiently or as intelligently as I would like. And unfortunately it’s quite low on the list of priorities, well below things like setting up a Patreon, making PDFs of the comic, setting up translations, and fixing up the site. I can only promise to get back to it when I’m able. :(


No worries, Rose! As long as you haven’t completely given up on the idea. :) Your music is just as gorgeous as your art!


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