Page 73

July 15, 2009

Slowly clawing back the update schedule, hopefully Friday’s page will be bang on time.

New vote incentive, another speedpainty landscape where I did a load of cheating messing about with different brushes in Photoshop.


“He was ugly, I was fixing him”

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, names and surnames! I hated writing bits of my comic when characters introduced themselves, it made it feel really forced and pretentious, like an anime. “My name is Unpronouncable Gibberish! Here is my special attack! It is the best special attack ever until you learn a better one next season through Deus Ex Machina! Bwa ha ha ha!”

Nice to see you have no problems with characters being in, well, character. Danil must be a riot at parties. All with the apples and sarcasm.


That green apple totally reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean for no reason.

I can’t wait for her response. |D


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