Page 64

August 21, 2015

The ship on top of the cake is made of chocolate. The exhaust cloud is made of spun sugar. The trees are made of marzipan. See you next week!


I feel just as confused and unsettled as they are. I’m actually hoping that the mini cakes are poisoned. Why?


To be honest, the fact that the comments on these last few pages have split cleanly into either Camp Ashul (“what is happening”) or Camp Imara (“this is the best”) is kind of great in my opinion.


Hmm. You need tea or coffee with cakes, but for THAT CAKE…
Liam runs off, then a Giant Cake appears. Yes!! It’s all coming together now! Ah ha!
Now I believe that the huge sandstorm was just a cover-up for all of this activity.


I love how the lighthearted fun in the previous pages is slowly turning into something creepy or bizarre…

Keep it up!


Oh, I have loved these last few pages!! They’ve been alternately creepy, funny, bizarre and I have absolutely NO idea what’s going on, but it is awesome!!


This is very unexpected, and probably a welcome surprise for the Captain once she relaxes a bit. It’s pretty impressive for the Imarans to throw such a massive party, and I can see how this would change some people’s opinion on The Triarch.

Then again, I’m willing to argue that this is also a very friendly show of force, as one of those “we can dedicate ALL of this to entertainment, imagine how much we can dedicate to fighting you!” kind of gestures.

Also: That cake looks super tasty. And hilarious too!


Yeah, no, this is about where I would check out for it being way too weird for me to process. I guess I’d never make it as a part of Samara’s crew, dagnabbit.


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