Page 63

August 15, 2015

Who invited these nerds?

I think this is my favourite page so far. Congrats to my friend Liam who, after asking several times to be drawn into the comic, has finally made it in as a one man band.


OMG not POLKA Muzak! (But actually that Liam ain’t so bad.)
An Official Greeter Tiger, almost like WalMart!
This page done in Ultra-Technicolor! Hope you’re having fun, but what ever happened to that stuffy old war?


This is the new face of cold war. If it helps, I think Samara is wondering the exact same thing you are.


-At least Liam has made it to the “Almost Super-Hero Class of Entertainer” (after the Triarch, who’s in a class all his own.)
Wait. He’s not some new secret weapon is he?


Haha, this page is even crazier than the last one! So cool! Let’s have this party started!
Also, Triarch Ezius seems to be one those rather extravagant politicians.


I’m still with Samara on this one, squinting hard at the contents of her champagne flute.

“What are these people drinking?”


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