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June 9, 2009

Way to go, grouchy. Just to clarify, Fal-Garrin is Ashul’s head of state.

And in other news that no one but me cares about, I bought a tenor horn today! Whoo!


I care about your music related activities. Although this joy is tempered by the knowledge I received today that you’re not playing so much anymore. In saying that, I realised tonight that I left my clarinet in church all week and didn’t even notice. Oops. SIlly panda!


New here, just started reading through the archives, like, half an hour ago, and just gotta say… I played tenor horn for a time. I still play trombone. Tenor horns are awesome. I’d love to buy one and play again. <3


Hmm, invoking the head of state where people in our culture (even many of the irreligious, like me) would say “god”. That says… something… about the leader’s status in society.


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