Page 44

April 17, 2009

Scene end get! Which is good, since the brown was starting to kill my brain a bit. No vote incentive today, but expect a new one on Friday. And now I’m off to format my computer, wish me luck. D:


No matter what colors you use, the painting style’s always so comforting to look at ♥

Good luck formatting your computer! :]

P.S. Keeping you in the top 100 with my laptop AND my brother’s computer xD;


Thank you! Formatting always makes me a bit edgy, especially since art files are basically irreplaceable. If I lost the original psd files for the RMR pages I don’t know what I’d do…

Also, you are the best. :D Whoo votes!


i know this sounds stupid,and there’s probably some huge flaw in my theory because it’s only half thought through,but what if when you put the art on the computer,you made backups of it on a flash drive or other data storage devices so if comp crashed or something,you could just reupload?


Hope your formatting goes ok, please don’t dalort anything valuable!

Much as I liked this scene preparing us for some grander arc another time, I really wanna get back to Adrianna and her face-punching shenanigans! Also possibly the soft orange lit high-rise environments of Ashul.

Unless you have another devious and tangental plotline to throw at us on friday…


I haven’t even started the formatting yet, I keep getting paranoid I’m going to accidentally delete all my comic psd files, even though I’ve got them double (soon to be triple) backed up…

I think you’ll like the next scene, then. No more flailing off into a completely new plot line just yet.


I hope the next scene is really fast-paced. :O


To make up for this scene? I don’t think any part of my comic is fast-paced. D:


Oh, lol. One of those slow sorts, huh?
Then I hope there’s drama! Lots of it!


You can count on there being drama!

I think the pacing is going to be similar to what it’s been throughout, though it’s something I personally find hard to gauge. I’m trying to get each page to be worthwhile as a standalone update, but I can’t really bring myself to cram too much into them.


I have a feeling we’ll see this kid later. Maybe we can expect some big fireblasts? Any spoilers?

Excited for Adrianna’s violent and hilarious antics, btw. :D


I don’t think there’s anything I could really give away related to Airin and Renshou that wouldn’t be a rather massive spoiler, so I’ll just say… keep reading? :D *is rubbish*


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