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April 14, 2009

Aw yeah. Day off tomorrow. Brilliant.

The voting over at TWC reset for the new month, so if you ever felt like voting for me, now would be a good time to do so and I’d really appreciate it. I’d like to try and make a concerted effort to break in to the top 100 this month since Red Moon Rising’s been hovering about the 110-120 mark for most of May and June. Plus it’d be neat to be on the front page. Like being a celebrity, except not. Anyway, go vote! The incentive hasn’t changed today, but I should have something new for the Friday update.


LOL! Fail. Nah, the kid just needs more practice.

And now, allow me to go vote.

(Whoo! 1st comment! :D )


Haha, harsh. :D He’s doing his best. Yay voootes.


I know. But what I’m saying is he needs practice. It’s like when you first learn to play an instrument. At first, you suck. But so did all the players before you. Then, you practice and soon you can play unbelieveable music. Everything takes practice, Kyethn. The kid’s doing good though. He’s tried, which is more than most can do.


Trust me, I know everything takes practice – I play several musical instruments myself. Anyway, it’ll be covered more in-depth as the story progresses.


I done voted for you again today, I are good wobcomic fan. Can I have biscuit Rose?

Nice to see myself vindicated with the whole glowy face runes thing. Is there going to be an explaination to that, or is it just gonna be a “rule of cool” thing in your comic? Also, any difference in the colours of stuff generated? Renshou’s lit up yellow there, whereas Galak’s partner went blue when he did his shield bubble thing. Is it respective of a person, their powers, or what they happen to be manipulating at the time?

Awkward enough questions?


Also, are we talking elemental magic here? What kind of magic fuels this industrial revolution?


Elemental magic is included, but there’s also a smattering of other non-elemental kinds in there – stuff like the shield from before, telekinesis, that sort of thing. No healing, though. I should probably write up a list…

As for the industrial revolution, that’s actually only happening in Ashul since they’ve started harnessing magic for use as a crude form of electricity – Imara’s still fairly behind, technology-wise. No grumbly TVs there.


O noes, finnicky questions. No biscuit for you. You get a small info dump, though.

The runes are given to brand a person as a mage – the more runes, the better a person is at using magic, and the more facets they have control over. New mages usually just have one rune – which side of the face it’s on and the style of rune depends on the source of the magic. Danil and Renshou have runes right down their face, which isn’t that common and means they’re pretty accomplished. But essentially, yes, it’s just a “rule of cool”. I mean, this is a visual medium, stuff has to look neat. :D The colours are fairly incidental depending on the colour scheme of the scene to be honest, but they’re sort of tied in to what kind of magic the person is doing.


Realize this is an old info dump I’m asking on, but can someone eventually have enough runes to run down their neck or would it just take up a second column?


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