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April 2, 2009

So, Red Moon Rising got its first piece of fan art today. Kinda. Sort of. Here it is. Courtesy of Chella and Wrae Ann. …thanks guys. :|

TWC reset yesterday, so if you were thinking about voting, now would be a super awesome time to do so. Unfortunately it’s deadline week for me at university right now, so I’m digging up old art for incentives. Sue me. Anyway, the incentive is an old concept sketch for a scene that won’t be coming up for a while, but I’m totally chomping at the bit to draw.


It seems to be a nice comic, I like the coloring and the style of charachters…I’m pretty newbie with this drawing and plotting style in the comics because I’m used to read manga and, they often have lots of cliches. 5/5


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