Page 304

January 30, 2013

One final magic face-off. Unsurprisingly, Danil has the upper hand to the end.

Whewww, sorry this page took a bit to get out. One of my flatmates showed up with laryngitis the other week and you can guess that probably didn’t go down very well with my terrible immune system. I’ve been in a bit of a sour mood ever since, which I’m rapidly trying to get over. These pages are becoming a real slog, but I’m pretty happy with how they look so… I don’t know. I swear this scene is nearly done though. Thanks for being patient, you guys. It’s so very nearly done.

I close my eyes and all I see is magic and courtyards


Weeeee ^.^ New paaaage *happy for the whole remaining day*

Tough luck for colonel though. Either he somehow lets Adrianna live and creates a mortal enemy or he just gets a bullet in the back right here because otherwise the main character is about to transit from bloody to well done in the next two panels.


I’ve loved your art style from day one, and it just keeps getting better and better! I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m willing to wait for pages, so don’t push yourself too hard when you’re sick.

Also, upper hand? I see what you did there.


I’m not sure whats happeing here.
She’s tried to fight back, but Danil’s either absorbed her power
and turned it back on her with his own,
or used his power to cancel hers,
or he turned up his power so far she hurts too much for her to
concentrate on using her power.


“Tough luck for colonel though. Either he somehow lets Adrianna live and creates a mortal enemy or he just gets a bullet in the back right here”

Right =) I agree


Oh no, Rose, please please please don’t get sick again! Aaaah it’s scary to think of someone getting sick so many times in a year D: Please take care of yourself!!


relax, it would only be the first time this year she gets sick the other times were all last year (atleast that’s what my spies tell me)
all joking aside do not get sick, please.


Better late than never. Your comic is getting better and better! Keep Up! Just it is a sad you have all these health problems.Take care of yourself.


So what will he get left with, I wonder? The ashes of his anger and a rebellion no matter what? Did the crystal even survive? All it ever said was probably that the whole bunch of people he just killed were his family anyway.


I think Bracken is going to show up at this point. He didn’t mind a mage-battle, the more of them gone the better fot the rebellion, I guess. But Bracken & co still might need that cristal for something, right?
And they also might want to hear about Adrianna’s talk with Leithe, that was her mission after all.
But if there’s any way to stop furious Danil without killing him? Shooting his knee maybe?…
Adrianna can’t die, she’s a afreakin’ main character!


Yes, hope you will get better soon.
In case, as to having difficulty with immunity, you could already know it but still, having “good vibes” around help the mind and then the body.
There is no real better way to go bad than to not enjoying living.

That said, plein support, the artwork is very nice (shaders and colors, wow).


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