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December 17, 2012

Right back where we started.

Sorry this is such a late post, guys. I was visiting my parents for most of the week so that kind of precluded an update any sooner. Plus I ended up redrawing each individual panel at least once, so I uploaded some of the dropped sketches as the vote incentive. On the plus side, I had a total blast with the lighting. blue light aaaaa


Lets kill off the last of Airins relatives,
to turn him into a roaring killing machine of revenge
due to the laws of storytelling!

The blue lighting looks rad, good work!


It’s possible that she somehow survives, Airin blames her, and directs his angst at her in his later years. Either way, this is going to be pretty cool. I’ve grown pretty attached to Adrianna, though…


Right back to where we started, except for the two still-warm bodies. Welp, Adrianna just can’t catch a break, can she?


“can’t catch a break”??? she seems determined to rough it, every time she has a chance to “catch a break” she purposefully sabotages it. she was just meant to suffer.

this truly is a beautiful page by the way.


I <3 Danil.

He's a powerful, determined, resourceful, ruthless anti-villain who doesn't take sh*t from NOBODY. And the fact that I'm the only person who appears to be rooting for him makes him an underdog, in my eyes.

That said, I feel that his main flaw is that he killed Lethe when he didn't need to. Once he'd reacquired the data capsule, his mission was complete — by all accounts, he could have let Lethe go. Renshou, on the other hand, tried to burn him alive and drown him — attacking her qualifies as self-defense.

As for Renshou herself, she may survive, provided that Danil's pebble didn't do damage to anything vital. The fact that it went straight through her works in her favor: it didn't appear to fragment or disintegrate, which means there's nothing lodged inside her that will need to be removed later via surgery, except perhaps some shreds of her clothing. Likewise, the pebble did not expand inside her, ricochet off a bone, or yaw inside her, all of which can dramatically increase the damage a projectile can do to you. Consequently, damage was probably restricted to the site of the impact. Finally, the fact that the pebble passed completely through her indicates that it still had substantial kinetic energy remaining — energy that was not dispersed into HER.

In short, Renshou may very well owe her life to the laws of physics… although she still has a giant hole in her (through which she may or may not bleed out) and she's probably slipping into shock.


Even if ti didn’t desintegrate, this pebble will, as mentioned,
have similiar effects to a musketball.
If there is no magical healing in this setting
(and with Saimars death from a knife wound this appears to be the case)
Renshou is as dead as Lethe.
Also based on the fact that both times they appear to die,
they are only visible as silhouettes, kinda linking the imagery.

He did have to kill Lethe though.
It is the military,
Lethe was a deserter and smuggled potentially vital information out of the country.
And he tried to kill Danil with the explosives,
right in the beginning of this webcomic.
No way Lethe would have survived being captured.

And well… killing Renshou was in self defense,
but he, Colonel of the Ashul military, now killed an Imaran nobel…
This may lead to war if he does not finish of any and all witnesses
and manages to blame… the rebellion, for instance.

I guess redeeming him is the fact, that he offered to let Adrianne go, and his kinda sad look there,
Right after he killed Lethe.

He is an interesting character, and I’d be sad to see him go,
but I can’t really root for him.


Keep chucking rocks at him, surely he can’t do flame and protective bubble at the same time?
Also: either Bracken is taking a long time over his coffee, or he’s a very slow walker. “You know what to do” she said – somehow I don’t think it involved letting the bad guy get the secret stuff back and kill everyone within sight, just to keep his hand in.


I have an idea there, actually.
Danil killing Renshou might start a war.
Imara rising up against Ashul, imagine that.
I don’t think the rebellion would be adverse to that.

Or Deus Ex Bracken has ordered some cake to his coffee, we’ll see.


It suddenly occurs to me that now would also be a good time for a sudden, explosive manifestation of Airin’s yet-undiscovered powers under extenuating circumstances.


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