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December 4, 2012


Whooo, 300! Geeze, that’s some milestone. That’s a lot comic pages. Jings. I wish I had something planned, but unfortunately I’ve been a bit under the weather (again) for the last week or so. Sorry about that. However, do feel free to envision fireworks or streamers or something while I continue to work away on killing off all of your favourite characters.

Edit: On the plus side, I’ve been receiving lots of neat fanart from Iz Elliot which I can post up! Most relevantly, here’s a proto-Batman Airin. And slightly less relevantly, here is Bracken feeding some ducks. Bracken loves ducks. Canon.


“Did you seriously just throw an apple at my head?” -Page 75

Pebbles. Consider this payback, Danil.


That came to my mind, too. And Danil can be happy that it´s obviously not Bracken. For now.

And: #300 – Congratulations, Rose!


She might be the worst mage known to us at that point, put she is gutsy.
And once again, Danils shield doesn’t work,
even with this amount of time to prepare.
Scorching his runes of might been the most effective move used against him to date.
Also: He now has chance to kill Airins aunt as well,
to complete his *Airins dead family* quartett.


Can someone please explain Bracken’s powers to me? I’m still a bit unsure. He can cancel out a mage’s magic?


The mages don’t know!
And they don’t like it when they don’t know.
But how they know it’s him they don’t know it about… that I can’t figure.
Anyway, captain robohand got shot, and somehow everybody knows Bracken had something to do with it.


Your weekly dose of trope:

Depending on who is throwing stones:

You like this one, don’t you?

For you, Danil:

Probably not what you meant:


Rose! Get well, huh? I’m guessing, since you said you’ve been under the weather, that you unfortunately are fighting off a cold. :(

Get well quick, huh? :)


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