Page 297

November 6, 2012

Danil probably needed a bath anyway.

More on time than last week! I’m going to take that as a small win. There’s also a new vote incentive, a screenshot of something I’ve been building in Minecraft which you guys should find familiar.


wooooa whats happening here–he’s passing out,last kick of a dieing horse magic action. Im gona comment again after i “reread” this page a few more time–super nyc effects,i wish i was as good as u


I wonder whats he’s gona do with that pebble that he’s heating up–this is the longest and richest action sequence iv ever read in a graphic novel


Is it bad that I’m holding my breath while reading this page? You know, as if I’m the one under water? This page is beautifully done, as are all of your pages all the time. Can’t wait to see what happens with that pebble he’s heating.

Also, is this how all of your characters bathe? Or is Danil just special? lol


Some people get pushed into the water pool in the underground cavern. Certain people who can’t swim.

I have a feeling that most of the baths that RMR characters get to take are rarely ever going to involve a bathtub.

Just a feeling.


It´s now the 4th time i came back to see the page since yesterday. Style, panelling and colours – a masterpiece; ´til now my RMRs all-time favourite.
And considering your ever evolving skills i´m sure there´ll be more. It is a great pleasure to be be part of your audience, Rose!


Indeed. This is easily one of the best (if not the best) internet comics. Both visually and story-wise.

That said, methinks Danill is making a bullet.


Nice page Rose :D
Danil is about to spark an international conflict I guess.
Folks, we hvae her back in the top 100 on TWC, lets keep her there \o.o/

RMR doesn’t have a TvTropes page right now,
but do not trust my grasp on the english language enough to start one.
If there is a troper amongst you … *hint hint*


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