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October 31, 2012

Unfortunately it turns out Danil isn’t all that waterproof.

Jings, sorry about this turning into a Wednesday update. I was having some weird technical issues with my tablet, but mainly I just underestimated how long all these very specific magic effects would take to draw. I hope it all reads well, I’ve never drawn a magic shield being smashed into bits by a tidal wave before. And in perhaps unfortunate timing with this particular page, I hope any of you caught up in Sandy are doing ok. Do stay safe.


It looks like a glass bubble being shattered, and it looks awesome, so I think you nailed it :-)


But there you noticed an interesting point:
He saw the water rushing in his direction in the last page,
and in this page raises a shield as if he’d expect it to help.
Him being a seasoned mage he should have known if his shield could hold back the inland Tsunami.
It shattered nevertheless. May the charring of his runes did have an effect,
making it not as big a fail for our matchstick squirrel as it seemed.


Or maybe he didn’t have the time to run away and did this in a last-ditch effort to save himself. As you can see, he doesn’t seem to think quite as much before doing when he’s in the middle of a fight.


I love this page, I’ve caught myself wondering what mage battles look like in this universe since the concept of conscripted armies with gunpowder weapons is completely foreign to these people.

The results are not disappointing.


Interesting how much power and control she has for someone that’s not really supposed to dabble in magic (and keeps it hidden)


Poor Airin.


Yeah, I’m thinking that, too – it’s just one traumatic event after another for that poor kid.

Well, and for everyone else too, naturally. Stay alive, Danil, Adrianna, etc., if at all possible! I do want to see many more pages of awesome magebattle, but also many more pages of fav characters looking mildly grumpy.


Red Moon rising–now updating every Thursday

No seriously Rose,you should bog yourself down with a deadline you cant meet-We’d like to see you do the best work that you can so we can buy the book when it goes to print–so give yourself a deadline which you can meet so you can do the best work you can


Ha! That’s fair enough.

I’d actually been thinking about moving my update day to Thursday. I’ve been finding it hard to work on the weekends recently since my flatmates all got real jobs with normal working hours and just want to hang around and goof off on the weekends. My work station is in the living room because my bedroom is too cold at this time of year, so it’s hard to stay focused that way.

Still, I won’t drop below a once-a-week schedule. That way lies madness! On a related note, the next page should be up tomorrow. It would have been done today, but my shoulders have suddenly become very, very sore and I’m off to lie down. Thanks for the encouragement. :)


Ok I must say that I absolutely love this web comic, and am very impressed with you’re worldbuilding.

I’m very confused though on how magic works in this world. In the beginning it’s implied that the moon gives magic? But then what’s the deal with the runes, and magic seems to be inherited.

If it’s not too big a spoiler can someone help me understand really how magic works in this world?


Hey! I figured I’d be best placed to give you a proper answer. Thanks very much for your kind words about the comic, by the way. :)

Laid out simply, the moon is the source of all the magic in Red Moon Rising, only certain people can harness that magic (an inherited trait, as you said), and the facial runes are a construct, something that is carved on to the face of mages at a young age to better allow them to channel their magic.

The magic itself is categorised into five elements, your standard fire, water, earth, air, and also aether. Powerful mages tend to have access to more elements (Danil and Renshou for example) while weaker mages are more likely to be mono-focus (such as Adrianna).

Additionally, each element has different facets, in that most mages can cast their element destructively (fireballs, torrents of water, lightning bolts and so on) but some can also use their elements in less direct applications, such as Danil’s shield, the colonel that quelled the storm in Seras Daya before being shot, Samara being all jumpy, and the scrying used on Adrianna back on the airship.

What each mage can do is shown by the runes on their face, with each element being represented by a rune, and then additional runes added to show what facets of that element they can harness.

Ashul and Imara have different sets of sigils that are carved onto different sides of the face, but they serve basically the same purpose. Culturally speaking I feel like the two countries were initially very similar groups with a lot of crossover that both lived much more centrally on the continent, but one group(that became Ashul in the centuries after) was forced north after some conflict broke out, and the two countries have been trading blows ever since.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense, and sorry if it was a bit long-winded!


You’re very welcome.

Thank you so much for your timely answer. I appreciate it, and no it wasn’t long winded at all.


So I’m guessing that the “red moon” is going to have some effect on magic then?


Sorry, I totally missed this the first time it popped up in my inbox.

Anyway, while trying to carefully step around giving out spoilers, all you really need to know is that the moon is the source of magic, and that the Imarans worship it as a deity while in Ashul they see it… much more clinically.

Sorry to be vague, but all this will be covered in the comic eventually. :)


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