Page 295

October 23, 2012

Not a good day for Danil. Or anyone in this scene, honestly.

Sorry for being a wee bit late with this – just to confirm, the update day is still Monday. Unfortunately I got slightly obsessed with laying down perspective grids(and bricks) for each individual panel and it probably doubled the amount of time I usually would spend on a page. On the plus side, can you say vote incentive?

I also spent a bit too much time drawing an entry for the art contest which just concluded at Next Town Over, but let’s not blame Erin for distracting me with her wonderful comic.


Way to make me look and feel lazy with your precise perspectives.

Also I really appreciated you spending a bit too much time on my goofy contest! Your drawing was phenom.


Ha! It was a bit of an experiment in being overly-precise, I suppose. Normally I’m a lot more slap-dash, but I guess it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. I feel like I learned loads just doing this one page.

Also no problem! I loved drawing Hunter. He does have a certain charisma about him.


So I guess I should have figured this out by now, but magic isn’t element-based on Red Moon Rising then? As in, one person doesn’t necessarily only have the power over one element, but multiple?

(PS the water in the last panel is FREAKING AWESOME.)


It is element-based, but as you reasoned some mages have access to more than one element. Danil has access to four (and unfortunately, water isn’t one of them), while Renshou has three.

Also thanks! It was a challenge to get the water working, that’s for sure. Never drawn a big wave before.


Ah, so the runes above the eye did mean something. I guess the two nations have decided to use the same font size, then.

I wonder if even Ren can channel two elements at once, though.
I guess this would be a pretty traumatic way for lil’ Lethe Jr. to come of age, but then, that would maybe be a bit much. T’would explain why Mama Ren’s little fire show didn’t do anything for him.
So I guess two-at-once is the primary guess.


That water is so beautiful. I would totally get in a mage fight with someone just to do that.


WOOT! You’re back!

*does the super happy dance for the return of my favorite Steam/Magic-Punk comic*

There are not emotes to describe the silly grin on my face right now. I’m glad you’re feeling better, & I can’t wait to see Danil get his come-uppance.


I loooove the water on this page.

Also, speaking of which, can Renshou work with water as well as fire? I thought she could only use fire…? -confuuuuuused-


I wonder if shes the one causing the tidal wave–maybe by some strange twist the little boy has suddenly manifested some powers or or the presumably dead husband is still alive(dum dum duuuum)


Welcome back!!! I’m so thrilled that you’re finally feeling better- you’ve been missed! Gorgeous page as always; that water! That lighting and shadow! Augh, so jealous, lol. Looking forward to seeing who’s in charge of the tidal wave


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