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November 29, 2011

Oh, right.

I feel like I should start a separate blog for whatever ailment I happen to have contracted this week, since clearly this is a thing now. This week it was just a shitty cold, but it crashed in on my birthday which I think is probably illegal? And makes it ten billion times worse, statistically, empirically.

Also, for the person on formspring who really wanted to see a picture of Galak with his hair tied back, sorry that this isn’t happening this week, but it will be next week’s vote incentive. Instead I’m going back to bed. It’s probably better in your imagination anyway.


Hm. Conflicting interests here- Adrianna wants to see her brother, Lethe wants to give the information hard drive thing to Renshou, Galak&Co want the hard drive thing.

Drama! :D


She doesn’t want to let on that its him. -Will he know to avoid her?
Another impossible distance… more crackling, dangerous tension.
Really beautiful lighting.
Sorry you’re a statistic again (on your b’day, too! this must be worth extra-gold, get-out-of-jail, cosmic-karma credit!) but at least you’re NOT taking unicycle lessons.


I’ll offer the same advice I offer all ill webcomicers. One of these Will work.
There’s 3 levels of cure depending on how desperate the person is
Level 1 (Common Sense): Lemon water, hot, and lots of sleep, nyquil-induced or otherwise.
level 2 (Uncommon Kamikaze): Booze till asleep, puke cold out with hangover.
level 3 (I don’t care if a die just END IT): A little bit of Rock and Rye, soft peppermint candy, teaspoon of honey. Mix it all together in a glass, set in a pot of boiling water until it’s lukewarm, chug it get to bed before you pass out, you’ll wake up like you were never sick.


Can’t count how many times I’ve used your level 2 cure actually….

In fact, Lethe looks like the kind of character to do that too, just remember his apartment from Chapter 1.


And now we wonder just how many invisible assassins are standing right there, between our protagonists… or protagonist and antagonist, Adry being what she is :D


It’s 16 degrees outside right now, and I’ve got a broken window that sucks the heat out of my room like a vacuum. I’m not sick, and I know your pain.

By the way there’s something I really like about your two main protagonists, and their sibling relationship. Kind of reminds me of the distance between my brother and I, but there’s still always a kind of mutual feeling of love between us even if we don’t agree all the time.

Well, anyway.. your comic is perfect as always. Just get better, and try to stay warm!


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