Page 262

November 9, 2011

That kid just exists to be around at awkward moments, I think. In Airin’s defence, this is exactly what I would be doing if any unattended water-filled area presented itself to me.

Arm is doing well! Thanks (again) for all the kind messages. :)

Also, I kid you not, there’s a new vote incentive! It’s something secret that I am secretly working on. Some of you might know what this is, in which case you’re officially cooler than everyone else.


Poor depressed Lethe…..

BTW, I’m loving the current look of everything. Very moody.

Glad to hear your arm is getting better!


Thanks. :) I’m trying out some different methods by making a very painterly greyscale sketch and then reintroducing it over the colours when the page is nearly finished. I think it’s adding a bit of a watercolour look to the whole thing, which I quite like.



Glad to hear the arm is getting better. Did you ever figure out why you couldn’t get a cast, just because the break was near your elbow? I’m still puzzling over that… /nerdy me/

Lethe :’( I guess he’s not handing the information over to Renshou anytime soon, is he?


I am all kinds of happy that I found this comic again! After losing all my bookmarks (and being terrible with names), I finally remembered the title.

I swish my arms like that when I’m walking through puddles and streams, too. :)


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