Page 260

September 26, 2011

Just finished this page despite being heavily bogged down with horrible New Zealand germs which my boyfriend imported. GOOD JOB, MIKE

Fortunately by the time you read this I should be in France, so I hope to pass it forward to at least one unsuspecting Parisian. I am generous like that.


Her expression in the last panel is beautiful.
I like the way her hair frames her face.


That’s how my hair looks right now. XD Only blonde.

I think the whole panel is beautiful, but yeah. The last panel is pretty ballin’.

Thanks as always for the regular updates even though you’re sick, love~


At least they’re getting it out in the open- regardless of the bad timing. Would they feel better to know they still look fabulous ?
Chicken soup: I swear by its medicinal properties !!!


No hugging? :(

ps: I like their facial expressions. Very emotional and realistic.


Yeah, the expressions are just perfect in this one.
So. Bloody. Awesome.

Well done. And maybe he still gets the show of affection he wants: a good punch into the face :D

And get well soon <.<


I suspect we’ll be hearing strange things out of france, pretty soon.
I’ve got dibs on the movie rights! “Scots werekiwi in Paris”(tm)
What? You didn’t know they have werekiwis in NZ?
Look out for brownish plumage in your hair!


That unsuspecting Parisian came to Canada and passed on the germs.

In any case, get better. :)

I LOVE This page. Beautiful. And dialogue of emotions more than “Let me explain to you what happened”… Which is really more effectual here.

“It was a stupid idea!” So… really, he stole military secrets, ran away from Ashul, got his sister into a world of trouble, got a bro stabbed…
…because he had to see her again?

Gooood thinking, Lethe.
Page 19 is a really, really good reread now!


The conversation isn’t over yet. He has OTHER reasons.


Well, at least he was honest about letting his pecker do his thinking for him, eh?
But I guess he’s decided not to giver her the present, since she’s being a poopiehead :D
Next 240 pages will show him trying to get the thing back to Ashul, resistance and arab-styled mages on his ass.
At about half way he’ll pass by adrianna, causing her much frustration.
The kind of frustration only facepunching can alleviate.


Well, of course he has other reasons. :)
But sometimes it’s light-hearted to over-simplify.


I love how much credit you guys are giving Lethe.


Hahahaha, maybe there’s something we don’t know.
Maybe Adrianna is going after Lethe to [i]stop him from doing something embarrassing[/i]…
“What? They let Lethe out in the world? With no-one to whack him with the Think-Stick when he gets *that look* on his face?!?”
“Grr! Do I have to handle *everything* myself?”


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