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February 12, 2014

Lights out.

An actual page update this week! Having said that, I was actually really touched by how positive the response was to the music I posted last week, as I had honestly just assumed no one would be that fussed.

I have a whole bunch of the stuff as well, so after receiving some very nice advice from Juno of Star Cross’d Destiny, I’ve decided to start work on putting it together as a roughly 40 minute long album which I’m hoping to post for sale within the next month.

In the meantime, here’s another piece. I think this is going to be the first track, I always kind of thought of it as the main theme for the comic.


Wooohooo ^__^ New page! Happy times are around. You have many talents it seems. The music is really nice. I like to listen to stuff like this when I’m working.


Music! I like it very much. How did you compose and record this? I assume it’s all keyboard sounds?
I’m looking forward to more pieces. They fit the comic very well. :)


Hey, thanks! I made the whole thing in FL Studio, starting with a midi I composed a while ago and replacing the midi instruments with more realistic sounding soundfonts that I scavenged from across the net.


This music is crazy amazing. I play piano and can honestly say that not many people can write like that. You have a gift.


Wow, thank you. I have to be honest, I’ve been trying to learn how to play piano for years and am still terrible at it, so I’m inclined to say we all have our strengths. :)


Yay! So excited to hear that you’ve decided to put together a soundtrack. Take my money, plz! XD Also, yay for new page! How is the process for getting this lovely comic in print going?? I’ve been wanting to go back & re-read, but doing it via computer is a bit hard on this 40-somthing’s eyes. ;)


I’m not usually the “commenting sort”, but I just had to make an exception here – I think it’s inspired for a comic to have a soundtrack. In fact, after experiencing this I am convinced that every comic should come with a soundtrack! X3 You are a *seriously* talented person – thanks for sharing this!


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