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August 15, 2011

Back! And kicking off chapter 13 for propers now. Also my wrist is feeling a lot better, thanks for all the tips and stuff, commenting people. :) Seems like it just needed some rest.

Just to clarify since a couple of people seemed practically terrified at the prospect, this isn’t the last chapter of Red Moon Rising, just the last* chapter of this arc. Consider it like the season finale. Plenty more to come, I’m going to be at this for years yet at this rate.

*Note from the future: Second last.


I’m really loving this comic. You manage to develop so many great characters without feeling scattered or confusing, and the art is so, so pretty! Looking forward to the next arc!


The lighting is beautiful, as always. You’re a master of invoking mood in your pages!


Really amazing isn’t it?
But the mood is somber… why wouldn’t it be when he knows that mage-assassins are stalking him? But what about the guy who was behind him- did he pull through? Sort of a sublime beautiful tension…


“a couple of people seemed practically terrified”
So…it wasn’t just me? Or are you just trying to spare me the embarrassment?
Either way, YAY!


Awesome look to this page.
It really makes me wish it was in the same format as wormworld, that comic where the page is bottomless. Each pane on this page is beautiful, and could be savoured individually…
The mood is captured perfectly, like a paleolithic mosquito in amber – midflight.
Years and year sound good to me!!! :D


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