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July 15, 2011

Updates! Terrible late updates! I’m doing my best to keep on top of all of this right now, but the site’s mostly working and Monday’s update will actually exist next week.

You guys down in the comments have been super swell! All the small things people have done to help out have been really great. For people who have been asking if they can do anything to help out, I don’t have a donation button (yet, it will happen eventually) but if you have an adblocker, if you could add my site to your exceptions that would help a lot.

Ads provide the only revenue I get from Red Moon Rising, so if you have them blocked I’m actually losing money every time you visit my site due to hosting costs. I also go out of my way to make sure all the ads aren’t dumb pop-up or rollover things that play sound (if they do, let me know) plus the site is set up so the comic page loads first, so I don’t think it should affect your reading experience at all. And don’t get me wrong, if you don’t want to unblock ads that’s also fine! But it would help me out.

And in the meantime I was on a podcast.


Ah yes, about the ads… I run an adblocker so I don’t have to see the annoying ads that talk to me, or stuff that’s NSFW. Since I love your comic I whitelisted it, but since your comic is safe for work, I’d expect the ads on it to be safe too. I guess not…


Oh, geeeze. Sorry about that. I don’t usually check Project Wonderful since it’s normally pretty ok, plus I don’t get that ad showing up since it’s region-specific to America. I’ve kicked that ad and banned the account that provided it.

Thanks for trying the unblocking anyway. I hope that won’t put you off.


Nono, it’s all good. I see much worse all the time. ;)

And yes, “Bracken happened” is a valid answer in all situations.


ack, but galak didn’t happen? D: -pining-


I know what you mean, I miss him, too.

Rhea and Bracken: Buddy Cop?


I love the textures you use and I like the effect on the word bubbles. In the second panel, though, I feel like the gap above the “w” is a little too visually strong. It keeps drawing my attention as strongly as the text.


I did not even notice that at all until you pointed it out, but you’re absolutely right, that was a bit sloppy of me. Will fix ASAP, thanks. :)


When you’ve been staring at your work for hours, everything starts looking normal, you can miss obvious spelling errors in a paper that you’ve looked over many times that a new reader will find immediately. That’s what proofreaders are for. :D


“Bracken happened” is now my official “oh, look, something that should’ve killed me, didn’t” phrase.


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