Page 241

June 3, 2011

Bam! Window!


Oh my goodness that is so damn amazing looking that I had to say it out loud.
…I wanted to make this comment a little more substantial but I can’t think of anything good to say that isn’t a proposal so I’m just going to stand over there and fail for a bit.


Now the question is.. which hurt worse? Breaking threw the metal(?) window-fencing, or the wind-magic induced hole in the arm? or, the sudden stop when she falls onto whoever, or whatever is under her? =)


Prints? How about a poster?! Awesome.
And what a funky-looking place she’s come to.
Looks a bit like a monastery, arrow-slits and all… of course, there’s no floor for the people using the arrow slits to stand on so it’s a fashion statement, obviously.
Could it be from the ashes and into the fire? Wait, that’d put her in her element again ;)


I agree with everyone else! this definitely needs to become a wallpaper!

and i would totally buy a Red moon rising poster of this. like a full sized massive poster to hang on my wall. and i would definitely be willing to pay good money for it. this page is amazing.


Window crashing:
Increasing awesomeness of a fight scene since the very invention of the glass windows.

Awesome page (would not mind a wallpaper too)


And now I remember once again, why I love this comic and its creator… not that I could possibly forget. HA! FIGURE THAT STATEMENT OUT!


“I do think my sweet lady that this is a terrible knock-knock joke.”


Also, this page is beautiful. Since the very first comment nailed down my feelings too, I don’t have much to add. Keep up this awesomeness!


What a beautiful, beautiful page! I’ve never commented here before, but I couldn’t help but comment on the beautiful art. Very, very nice!


I looooove how you used the full page for this. Perfect timing for effect. The textures of your art are always so wonderful also, I love the continuity.

Glad to see the regular updates are back. Hope this means you’re feeling better!


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