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April 3, 2011

sleep now, caught lurgy


I’m going to get my bout of stupidity out in the open, I can never really tell if Captain Ost-Navarre is male or female. Every page Cappy lands on, I have a mental debate about it. “That shading might be boobs”, I think, “But it might also be moobs, or just the way the light is shining, or I’m missing something…”

Oh, balls to this.



I see hips, to be honest, so I vote that she’s just a bit masculine. Although, the thought of a hardass captain with moobs is rather appealing to my sense of humor. :)


I’ll put you out of your misery and confirm that the good captain is, in fact, a lady.


Thanks! I think I’ll have to reread with solid affirmation of her gender – I really like her; kinda really want to see her throughout – if you will it, that is!


Dorks. Can’t handle the fact that a woman has small boobs, and isn’t 20 years old. Lol.


Actually, small boobs runs in the family. (We have brains, not boobs, apparently; tho’ somehow I missed out on both.) What was confusing me was in fact, the face, some angles, very masculine, some angles, feminine. I’m sure it’s because she’s lived a hard life in militia service, but times it gets difficult to determine. I didn’t actually look for boobs till yesterday; when I looked up her name. Used the boob bit for a little bit of comedy.


“Balls to this”…
I think that translates into “Someone’s gonna get their teeth kicked the hell in!”
Or a facepalm full of flamy goodness, but that would be crass.




Face punch? pleeeeeeeeeeeseee face punch…..


me love you long time!


OK, have to play devil’s advocate here.

Don’t listen to ‘em, Adrianna! Face-punching never helped anything! I mean, think about it – did breaking Galak’s nose prevent you from being apprehended? C’mon, girl, use your head… Umm, I mean, use it for something besides a Glaswegian kiss… though I have to admit that may have been moderately helpful for a change… But that was just some redshirt! You can’t go around headbutting airship captains of awesomeness! Please, I’ve been rooting for Ost-Navarre ever since she had that first great argument with Danil. And since she doesn’t know that you were an innocent bystander at the explosion, she does have a pretty good reason for wanting to, er, well, possibly kill you…

The gray-on-gray conflict is one of the cool things about this comic, though it’s hell on my nerves.


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