Page 234

March 23, 2011

This was a pretty nice way to ease back into updating – a straightforward four panel page where past-me of two weeks ago had already done all the heavy lifting by sketching out most of the difficult stuff. Cheers, past-me.

Still gearing up for email replies – doing that all today. Again, thanks for being patient, everyone. :) Back to Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates for the foreseeable future!


Pretty damn nice new page!
I like what you did with the bottom border of the first 3 panels.
It makes the last panel somehow more dynamic.


Read your comic in one day. LOVE it, really love it. Your art is beautiful.

And i promise to myself, when I have time, I’ll definitely use your tutorials.

I actually rapped the next button (I do that to a lot comics next buttons…. Oh, I am so awaiting for the update…


Welcome back! Hope you had a great break! This strip doesn’t really do much to advance the plot, I suppose, but it’s definitely awesome despite it. Wondering where this ends up going.


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