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January 17, 2011

Hey guys guess what good newwwws. I mean, if you like reading the comic, that is, though hopefully that’s a given if you’re already down here in the news post.

Red Moon Rising is switching to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule!

Effective immediately! So, you know… extra updates for everyone. Considering most technical problems should be behind me (this computer is amazing) this seemed like the best time to kick up the ol’ update schedule. Plus hopefully it makes up for that whole missed update last week. See you all on Wednesday!

Also, poor Saiamar, always getting manhandled.

The CCA is still going! Donations are accepted until the 24th and as I said, it’s a good cause, so go on.


Lets break out the booze then :D


I second that.

What do you say, guys? How about we readers make an incentive of our own: the more pages come per week, the more chocolate, baconaise or whatever we will send?


Don’t know how you can keep up a schedule like that. Webcomics is hard work. Yours is especially lovely and I am thrilled to pieces that Lora put my character next to yours on the CCA wallpaper


First off, sorry about your comment getting caught in the spam filter. It gets overzealous sometimes. Anyway, thanks! :) It is quite a lot of work, but usually staying motivated isn’t too much of a problem, what with all the support I’ve been getting over the last couple of years. You’re all really lovely people.


Awesome that you’re updating on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule now! I absolutely LOVE your comic and if you can update more, the merrier I’ll be on those days :D

Is that a ghost in the last panel, or has my eyesight finally gone shot? He doesn’t look as freaked out as I would, lol.


I’ve been on a M/W/F schedule before and it always seemed much more satisfying for the readers, so… here we go. :) Monday-Thursday is for suckers!

And clearly it’s a [REDACTED] that’s about to [REDACTED] at [REDACTED].


various things like smoke can outline invisible people.
they cleared the station, and i doubt its because they’re concerned for the citizens safety.

Insert sexy Harrison ford’s voice here saying “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”


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