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October 21, 2010

Haven’t had a buffer in about a year and a half, so this is weiiird. Posting from last Sunday, so I have no idea what to write. Hope the future’s cool, guys. Love, Rose.


Yeah, definitely like the silhouettes in panel 3. And… Adrianna needs to practice her geography a bit. Do world maps exist? If so, there’s no excuse for not knowing the location of every country on it. Lazy people.



I can’t see it- occasionally a new page happens the only the top 1/10th is visible, the rest of the image is gray blocks. Boo. :(


Sounds like you’ve probably got a caching issue with your browser, have you tried force-refreshing the page?


Yes. Even closed the browser and rebooted.

Eventually after enough new pages happen, I’m able to see it by browsing via “previous” button.


I don’t think closing the browser and rebooting would help, you’d probably need to delete the cache in order to get it to load properly if it’s not working. I’m almost certain it’s not a problem on this end though, otherwise I’d be getting an earful from a lot more people!


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