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September 14, 2010

I am completely knacckeereedd

Sorry for the Tuesday update, same line as usual – New Zealand keeping me pretty busy. oh my goddd knackered. Hope you guys enjoy the page, though. We’re back in Seras Daya now, reckon this scene’s going to be a good one in terms of getting some world info and stuff. And on that front look out for a bunch of new content soon, hopefully within the next month or so! You guys like maps, right?


maps, are awesome, especially ones with a moustache :D
On another note: they are not gonna reveal plot relevant history, are they o.o?
That would be like… what am I complaining, yay history time!

I am looking forward to the next pages…


Ah, Adrianna again, finally! :-) I’m new to this site, and i absolutely love art and plot. From the first pages on i was wondering which actress could play Adrianna, if this novel could ever make it to screen. Not many could fit in her shoes – Cate Blanchett maybe? What would you think?
And: Please forgive me my funny engrish – i´m german. ;-)


The empty salt can as paperweight is such a good detail to suggest their low resources.
Great new scene, thank you for making this comic, it is turning out fine.


“They wouldn’t even mention it during my officer training” You mean training for the WAR!? Wow. That’s a lot of gloss. I can see it though.

Btw, love the effect on the salt shaker. The refraction from the glass looks sweet.


What a cheerful, homey, inviting place. Looks like the air should be heavily scented with the enticing aroma of fresh0baked cookies.

I thought for sure the next scene was going to be back on the ship, centered on Danil. Curses! Oh well, world info is always fun.


Hello, first time commenter, definitely not a first time reader though!

Yay!!! Maps are awesome, :P if only my math teacher could use them in her class to explain difficult concepts instead of telling us to read the book!

The ghetto paperweight/salt shaker was an awesome detail :) I loved how it was drawn, looks all 3D-ish and stuff.

Wow, they didn’t mention the war during officer training? Then how are the troops motivated? xD I guess they could just threaten them with arrest/death, but that’s not really *motivating*.

“Here, let’s work on *describes training exercise*”

“Is this so I can fight in the war?”

“What war?”

But nice job on the comic :) It’s awesome!!!!


Wow, hadn’t realized it was such a drastic color scheme change between the flashback and normal time, think I like the flashback colors better. :P


Wow. It’s been building up for awhile now, but I have to say something after the last panel: Galak looks exactly like Togusa. No wonder I like him so much.


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